Playground Planters

Timber playground benches and seats are manufactured by Hand Made Places, a division of Broxap. The range of playground planters can also be combined with the Broxap timber shelters and playground benches and seats to create a fun outdoor area which can encourage learning and social activity.

Playground planters provide the opportunity for children to learn about and grow their own plants and vegetables. Available in a variety of styles, Broxap’s playground planters complement any playground or outdoor area. These planters can also be bespoke designed to suit any requirements and location.

12 Products
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12 Items

  1. Devon Planters & Seating
    BX/PD 450002 Devon Planters & Seating
    From £746.00
  2. Square Planter Seat
    BX/PD 450015 Square Planter Seat
    From £783.00
  3. Rectangular Planter
    BX/HMP 400906 Rectangular Planter
    From £268.00
  4. Hexagonal Planter
    BX/HMP 400904 Hexagonal Planter
    From £142.00
  5. Square Planter
    BX/HMP 400905 Square Planter
    From £200.00
  6. Hemsworth Planter
    BX17 4042 Hemsworth Planter
    From £325.00
  7. Planter Bench
    BX/PD 450012 Planter Bench
  8. Bedlington Planter
    BX14 5000 Bedlington Planter
    From £1,166.00
  9. Longley Planter
    BX17 4043 Longley Planter
  10. Paisley Planter
    BX14 5005 Paisley Planter
  11. Swindon Planter
    BX14 4047 Swindon Planter
  12. Kirkholt Planter
    BX14 5015 Kirkholt Planter
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12 Items