Duracast™ Polyurethane Benches

Broxap offer a limited range of environmentally friendly Duracast™ Polyurethane (PU) seats and benches, “virtually maintenance free”, ideal for coastlines and waterside locations, petrol station forecourts and many other locations.

Duracast™ is manufactured using an engineering grade polyurethane containing a mixture of resins and a natural based polyol. This is cast around a mild steel core to give an extremely strong product that is “virtually maintenance free” and is resistant to chipping, rusting and chemical and natural corrosion like salt water and dog urine.

Ideal sites and projects for these products are town centre regeneration, coastal areas, promenades, canal and river banks.

A circular or square hollow section steel core is manufactured to British Standard BS 4848 Cold formed to CFA 1. The steel core can be protected against corrosion by coating or galvanized and sourced from 100% recycled stocks.

Heavy Duty Coating: Primer coat of paint. High gloss finish two-part polyurethane paint RAL/BS specification Offers ultimate levels of weathering, colour retention, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance and a wide range of resistance to chemicals which leads to a minimal maintenance cost.

Duracast™ Polyurethane (PU) is impact and chipping resistant with an excellent strength and durability. It does not shatter with impact yet is lightweight for easy installation. Removable units weigh less than 25kg, making manual handling by a single person easier.

The standard polyurethane casting material is coloured black and is therefore ideal for items requiring a dark paint finish, however other colours can be added to the pigment to create a bollard that has a single colour running through it.

All items may be individually bubble-wrapped for transportation. Duracast™ is the future. Ask a member of our dedicated Sales Team for further details and a demonstration of the products.

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