Finger Post Signage Columns

Our range of cast finger post signage columns are available in a variety of traditional and modern designs to complement any existing surroundings. Signage columns provide a great method for guiding pedestrians in towns, cities, parks and more.

Cast finger post signage columns are available with a choice of finger arms, various finials and a selection of typefaces and symbols. Columns are available in cast iron, cast aluminium, ductile iron or mild steel.

The finger arms are manufactured from cast aluminium. If more than one finger arm is required we also offer spacer collars which create a gap between finger arms or allows space to accommodate future additional arms. A selection of typefaces are also available. A range of standard abbreviations or symbols such as parking, cycles and information can be incorporated on to the finger arms.

Our range of finials complete the look of any finger post. Finials are available in either cast iron or aluminium.

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