Timber Street Furniture

Broxap design, manufacture and install a wide variety of timber street furniture products. These products not only provide an effective solution for waste management, traffic control and seating, they also complement any outdoor environment. The introduction of timber products ensures that our street furniture integrates suitably into any outdoor area, especially when placed within parks and open green spaces.

As well as complementing any natural aesthetic Broxap’s timber street furniture is also FSC® (FSC-C122338) certified. FSC® is a certification which is internationally recognised as the benchmark for responsible forestry. This certification means that Broxap source their timber from FSC® certified forests. Our timber products not only offer a natural aesthetic, but they also boast both great durability and a long life expectancy.

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  1. Square Planter Seat
    BX/PD 450015 Square Planter Seat
    From £783.00
  2. Easthorpe Seat
    BX17 4050 Easthorpe Seat
    From £2,616.00
  3. Thornhill Picnic Bench at Jack Berry House, Malton
    BX14 3003 Thornhill Picnic Unit
    From £1,655.00
  4. Longley Planter
    BX17 4043 Longley Planter
  5. Bedlington Planter
    BX14 5000 Bedlington Planter
    From £1,166.00
  6. Leamington Picnic Bench
    BX/PD 450014 Leamington Picnic Bench
    From £548.00
  7. Thornhill Bench at Farnborough Town Centre
    BX14 3002 Thornhill Bench
    From £495.00
  8. Weybridge Bench
    BX14 4073 Weybridge Bench
    From £2,405.00
  9. Wythenshawe Bench
    BX14 1930 Wythenshawe Bench
  10. Moulton Bench
    BX14 4080 Moulton Bench
  11. Belvedere Bench
    BX14 4052 Belvedere Bench
    From £421.00
  12. Medway Bench
    BX14 4027 Medway Bench
    From £387.00
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Items 49-60 of 141