Woking Signage Column

BX14 4325

Woking Signage Column
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Woking Signage Column

BX14 4325

Quick Overview

Mild steel signage column with decorative flanged base. Ideal for use in park areas.

Things to consider when specifying Finger Arms include:

  • Finger Style,
  • Type Face,
  • Text,
  • Text Position,
  • Symbol,
  • Symbol Position,
  • Paint Finish.
From £310.00 ex-vat.

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From £310.00 ex-vat.



  • Additional Finger Arms available, priced separately
  • Finials to finish the complete column, priced separately
  • Hanging basket: a steel bracket is added to hold a steel basket suspended on chains to create a hanging feature (2 or 4 arm scrolls brackets are available) (baskets not supplied).

Broxap create a visual representation of each finger arm for approval from the customer. Please see the download section for a few standard variations.

Abbreviations & Symbols

Finger Arms have a range of standard abbreviations or symbols such as Information, Parking, Chevrons etc incorporated into the finger arm. Specific logos or crests can also be reproduced.


We use two type faces as standard; Times New Roman and Helvetica. These prove to be the most easily readable and popular choices.

Typefaces to clients' specifications or new designs can also be produced. Advice on typeface choice and size (regarding readability) is readily available.