Litter Bin Options

alloy banding

Alloy/Gold Silver Banding

Complete the look with alloy banding around the circumference of the bin (silver and gold as standard).



Anti fly

Anti-fly/ Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti- fly prevents fly posters being stuck to the bin. Anti-Graffiti helps with the removal of graffiti paint.



corporate logoCorporate Laster Cut Logo

Customise the litter bin with a laser cut logo or design.



vinyl logo

Corporate Vinyl Logo

Customise your litter bin with a vinyl logo or design.



corporate polycarbCorporate Polycarbonate Plaque

Customise your litter bin with a polycarbonate plaque.



COASTALBroxap Marine Coating 

Ideal for waterside locations to with stand coastal sea spray and help prevent corrosion.



AD PANELSA3/A4 Advertising Panels

Cut out advertising panels protected by a polycarbonate sheet.



stubbingCigarette Stubbing Plate

Stainless Steel plate to stub out cigarettes.



ashtrayAsh/Gum Self Closing Ashtray

Encourages correct disposal of chewing gum and cigarettes.



bait baseBait Base

Helps assist with rodent issues.



self closing ashtrayStirling Self Closing Ashtray

Self-closing ashtray located at the top of litter bin.



pyramidPyramid Top

Peaked style lid (Flat as standard).



seagull flaps Seagull Flaps

Prevents seagulls from entering the litter bins. Ideal for coastal locations.



fixing kitFixing Kit

Set of 4 shield anchor bolts for installation.