School Bins

Broxap provides a range of tough and durable school litter bins ideal for playgrounds and outdoor areas, aswell as internal litter bins and grit bins. Litter and recycling bins at schools encourage children to dispose of waste correctly. Customisation options are also available to include logos or graphics, particularly to the appeal of younger ages.

The range of school playground litter bins are designed to complement schools with different levels of education, from juniors to young adults. Broxap’s school external recycling bin specialists can help to find the correct litter bins to meet your requirements.  Explore more school products including our school playground equipment. 

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  1. Eco Steel Litter Bin
    BX45 2561 Eco Steel Litter Bin
    From £305.00
  2. Derby Round Litter Bin
    BX45G 2554 Derby Round Litter Bin
    From £525.00
  3. Weyburn Open Top Litter Bin
    BX14 203/LB Weyburn Open Top Litter Bin
    From £398.00
  4. Derby Contemporary Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-CON Derby Contemporary Litter Bin
    From £459.00
  5. Derby Double Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-D Derby Double Litter Bin
    From £585.00
  6. Derby Standard Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550 Derby Standard Litter Bin - 120 Litre
  7. Derby Wall Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-WB Derby Wall Litter Bin
    From £283.00
  8. Derby Weyburn Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-WBN Derby Weyburn Litter Bin
    From £379.00
  9. Derby Wheelie Bin Housing
    BX45G 2552 Derby Wheelie Bin Housing
    From £599.00
  10. Derby Hercules Post Mounted
    BX45G 2556 Derby Hercules Post Mounted
    From £185.00
  11. Athena Steel Litter Bin
    BX45G 2562 Athena Steel Litter Bin
    From £339.00
  12. Buxton Litter Bin
    BX45G 2563 Buxton Litter Bin
    From £319.00
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Items 1-12 of 27