Memorial Benches

Broxap’s memorial benches and seats are a thoughtful way to celebrate a life or achievement. Personalised memorial plaques are also offered and are available on request. These are a great addition to memorial garden benches that can be fixed to a wide variety of seats. This gives you a wide range to choose from in addition to our wide range of classic memorial benches. Our memorial park benches provide a lasting and loving tribute, for years to come.

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  1. Central Station Seat
    BX 2026 Central Station Seat
    From £865.00
  2. Eastgate Seat Memorial Bench at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Warrington
    BX 2020-BP Eastgate Seat
    From £482.00
  3. Eastgate 'Anti Vandal' Seat
    BX 2020-AV Eastgate 'Anti Vandal' Seat
  4. Lakeside Seat
    BX 2060 Lakeside Seat
    From £542.00
  5. Lakeside 'Anti Vandal' Seat
    BX 2060-AV-BP Lakeside 'Anti Vandal' Seat
    From £644.00
  6. Blackburn Seat
    BX 2047-BP Blackburn Seat
    From £536.00
  7. Blackburn 'Anti-Vandal' Seat
    BX 2047-AV Blackburn 'Anti-Vandal' Seat
    From £639.00
  8. Lion's Head Seat
    BX 2046-BP Lionshead Seat
    From £760.00
  9. Rotherham Seat
    BX 2025-1-BP Rotherham Seat
  10. Ripon Seat
    BX 2040-BP Ripon Seat
    From £584.00
  11. Ashbourne Seat
    BX 720 Ashbourne Seat
    From £640.00
  12. Deeside Seat
    BX 2050 Deeside Seat
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Items 1-12 of 22