Outdoor Musical Instruments

Bring fun into focus with our range of outdoor musical instruments.

Moving music lessons outside gives youngsters the freedom to really let off steam.

But an outdoor music centre is not just an excuse to get noisy – there are many proven benefits to learning to play.

Finding their own rhythm with an outdoor musical instrument could be just the start of a promising and creative career for many children.

Memory and attention span are said to be greatly improved when regularly playing a musical instrument. For early years groups, music is a great way to communicate and build language and movement skills.

Coordination and motor skills are also enhanced through the experience which generates new processes for children.

Benefits can also be seen in emotional development and social interaction as children learn to listen to each other play.

Our collection of outdoor musical instruments adds great variety to gardens, playgrounds and green spaces.

Many instruments can double up as sculptures for a multisensory experience such as our Tiger Glockenspiel, Turtle Drum or Percussion Post.

Active play is also encouraged with our Stepping Stones and Floor Pianos, while our collection of drums including Tumbadoras and Rainbow Sambas get children moving their upper bodies as they bash out a beat.

Our bells and chimes come in many different shapes and sizes to suit play areas big and small – from bold Emperor Chimes to the multi-level Harmony Flowers.

We even encourage youngsters to find their singing voice with our Talk Tubes.

Outdoor musical instruments from Hand Made Places at Broxap bring sound and vision to outdoor spaces.

Every instrument is designed to be easy to use to bring a sense of discovery and achievement to lessons.

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  1. Calypso Chimes | Rainbow Chimes
    BX/HMP Calypso_Chimes Calypso Chimes
    From £646.00
  2. Music Book | Music & Performance at Hand Made Places
    BX/HMP Music_Book Music Book
    From £1,213.00
  3. Cadenza
    BX/HMP Cadenza Cadenza
    From £1,402.00
  4. Cavatina
    BX/HMP Cavatina Cavatina
    From £1,959.00
  5. Capella
    BX/HMP Capella Capella
    From £2,678.00
  6. Mirror Chimes
    BX/HMP Mirror_Chimes Mirror Chimes
    From £1,470.00
  7. Wall Marimba
    BX/HMP Wall_Marimba Wall Marimba
    From £1,402.00
  8. Marimba
    BX/HMP Marimba Marimba
    From £2,809.00
  9. Bongos
    BX/HMP Bongos Bongos
    From £772.00
  10. Penta Post
    BX/HMP Penta_Post Penta Post
    From £714.00
  11. Sansa-Rimba
    BX/HMP 650020 Sansa-Rimba
    From £1,964.00
  12. Grand Marimba
    BX/HMP 650008 Grand Marimba
    From £3,828.00
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Items 1-12 of 50