Outdoor Litter Bins

Outdoor litter bins are an effective way to maintain clean, green and attractive environments. Broxap designs and manufactures the toughest outdoor litter bins available on the UK street furniture market.

Take action to improve the local environment with our range of outdoor litter bins.

With a wide variety of sizes, materials and designs to choose from, Broxap has a litter bin for every location. Manufactured in the UK at our North Staffordshire production site, our flagship Derby steel outdoor litter and recycling bin range is trusted by customers nationwide.

We have maximised capacity in our litter bins and recycling bins facility thanks to the introduction of automatic systems and high precision machinery. 
These investments contribute towards reduced lead times and a better customer experience from order to delivery.

We also provide an in-house powder coating service, providing superior corrosion resistance and a high-quality litter bin finish.

Outdoor litter bins from Broxap provide waste collection solutions for the high street, in schools, commercial settings, retail areas, parks, hospitals and leisure venues.

Expertly manufactured from durable materials, our outdoor litter and recycling bins are available with a range of features to suit the needs of individual sites.

This includes Wheelie Bin Housings for large volume waste collection, perfect for areas of high footfall.

Our heritage range includes Cast Iron Litter Bins, while out Outdoor Wooden Litter Bins collection is popular in both rural and urban locations.

Park Bins and Dog Waste Bins are essential for popular walking routes while we also have a range of School Bins, for litter-free learning environments.

Steel outdoor litter bins from Broxap include the Derby Standard range with an industry-leading, extra tough 10mm galvanised steel base.

We also offer Contemporary designs, including litter bins with intricate laser cut detailing.

Optional features include ashtrays and stubbing plates, seagull flaps, bait boxes, customer logos and anti-fly and anti-graffiti coatings.

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  1. Derby Standard Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550 Derby Standard Litter Bin - 120 Litre
    From £329.00
  2. Okehampton Double Redwood Litter bin
    BX17 4030-D Okehampton Double Redwood Litter bin
    From £799.00
  3. BriteBin Smart Solar Compacting Bin
    BX45 BriteBin BriteBin Smart Compacting Bin
  4. Big Mouth Target Bin - 140L WBH
    BX45G 2700-140 Big Mouth Target Wheelie Bin Housing 140L
    From £539.00
  5. Derby Compact Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-CMP Derby Compact Litter Bin
    From £259.00
  6. Eco Steel Litter Bin
    BX45G 2561 Eco Steel Litter Bin
    From £305.00
  7. Deby E Litter Bin XL (145LTR)
    BX45G 2550-E-145 Derby E XL Litter Bin - 145 Litre
    From £309.00
  8. Derby Slimline Litter Bin
    BX45G 2596 Derby Slimline Litter Bin
    From £309.00
  9. Derby E Slimline Litter Bin
    BX45G 2596-E Derby E Slimline Litter Bin
    From £272.00
  10. Derby Weyburn Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-WBN Derby Weyburn Litter Bin
    From £379.00
  11. Derby Contemporary Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-CON Derby Contemporary Litter Bin
  12. Derby E Contemporary
    BX45G 2550-CON-E Derby E Contemporary
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Items 1-12 of 121