Play Units & Climbing Frames

With options to suit all ages, a play unit or climbing frame from Hand Made Places at Broxap is the perfect choice for encouraging young people to explore new ideas.

Our play towers are fantastic for imaginative play while our multi play units give older children the opportunity to test their agility and physical ability.

Every item is created to inspire and encourage children to challenge their own limits.

And with a play unit, social interaction between youngsters is enhanced as they learn to work as a team and build their resilience.

The Timble collection is designed specifically for early years environments. The play units, Sprig, Twig, Leaf and Sprout, vary in size and complexity.

This makes the units an interesting addition to an existing play area. Alternatively, they can be purchased to replace outdated play equipment or to make a completely new play experience.

Toddlers Tower and Action Station III are just some of the play towers we build for children of primary school age.

They incorporate a mix of activities from chutes to bridges, platforms and tunnels. 

We also offer themed play units such as our Adventure Castle or Nautilus Play Boat to make free play a real adventure – stimulating the senses as well as developing physical fitness.

All the units can be adapted according to budget, location and need to ensure a fully inclusive play area.

Older children may benefit from a climbing frame. Our Bird’s Nest structure get young people scrambling up and over timbers while the Amazon Rope Climber offers unlimited opportunities to build stamina and balance. For larger areas, the Ripley Climbing Frame links scramble nets and ladder walls with trapeze rings, parallel ropes and a clatter bridge.

Our teams of advisers are happy to talk through any playground project and offer their knowledge and expertise to make an unforgettable play experience unique to any setting.

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  1. Balksbury Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050001 Balksbury Play Unit
  2. Milton
    BX/HMP 050020 Milton Play Unit
  3. Townhill Multiplay Unit
    BX/HMP 050018 Townhill Multiplay Unit
  4. Toddlers Tower
    BX/HMP 060008 Toddlers' Tower
  5. Bloxham Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050016 Bloxham Play Unit
  6. Sunflower Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050011 Sunflower Play Unit
  7. Country Kingdom
    BX/HMP 160005 Country Kingdom
  8. Action Station III
    BX/HMP 050903 Action Station III
  9. Chute Multiplay
    BX/HMP 050019 Chute Multiplay
  10. Ashbury Climbing Frame
    BX/HMP 150902 Ashbury Climbing Frame
  11. Andover Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150004 Andover Play Unit
  12. Meadows Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150010 Meadows Play Unit
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Items 1-12 of 30