Two Tier Cycle Parking Shelters

Our hi-rise two tier cycle parking storage system is popular especially within towns and cities, where space is limited. Providing high density cycle parking, the two-tier cycle parking design is capable of housing twice as many cycles and includes the nationally recognised Sheffield cycle racks in the lower tier, which provides easy reach access.

The hi-rise two tier cycle parking storage system can be used in conjunction with the Broxap Apollo cycle shelter or Wardale hi-rise shelter to create a complete two tier cycle parking solution, ideal for railways, universities, colleges and transport interchanges.

Using one of the modular cycle shelters such as the Apollo or Wardale hi-rise means that you can continue to expand and enhance your cycle parking area when required.

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  1. Coventry Cantilever Two Tier
    BXMW/CON/CAN-TWO-TIER Coventry Cantilever Two Tier
  2. Wardale® Two Tier Cycle Shelter
    BXMW-WAR-TWO-TIER Wardale® Two Tier Cycle Shelter
  3. Apollo Two Tier Cycle Shelter at Silverstone Park
    BXMW/AP/TWO-TIER Apollo Cycle Shelter Two Tier
    From £1,839.00
  4. Cambridge Two Tier Hybrid at Silverstone Park
    BXMW/CA/HYB/TWO-TIER Cambridge Two Tier Hybrid
    From £3,752.00
  5. Anti-Vandal Eco-Hub
    BXMW ECO/HUB-AV Anti-Vandal Eco-Hub
  6. St John Cycle Hub
  7. TfGM Cycle Hub
    BXMW/TFGM TfGM Cycle Hub
    From £80,482.50
  8. Dundee Cycle Hub
    BXMW-DUNDEE-CYCLE-HUB Dundee Cycle Hub
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8 Items