Door Barriers

Protect your buildings and those who visit them with our range of sturdy and reliable door barriers.

Based on simple yet dependable designs, Broxap door barriers are suitable for both single and double doors.

They work to prevent doors being opened too far, halting the deterioration of hardware such as hinges and handles.

Our barriers also act to stop doors swinging back against walls or causing damage to nearby vehicles or adjacent belongings.

Scuffs and scrapes to the door itself are minimised when a door barrier is installed thanks to the buffer action.

They act as a safety measure too, reducing risk to those entering or exiting a building.

Broxap door barriers help to mark out doorways, acting as a deterrent to anybody lingering in the area.

They also help to improve visibility for everyone in or approaching the surrounding location. A tapping rail can be included to support visually impaired users, with our sales advisers available to talk through your specific site needs.

Broxap products are built to offer long-lasting protection thanks to their durability and strength.

We also offer a wide selection of colours and finishes to deliver a functional yet unobtrusive door barrier that complements any site.

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  1. Door Barrier
    BX14/DB Door Barrier
    From £82.00
  2. Door Barrier with Glass Infill
    BX39 1120 Door Barrier with Glass Infill
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2 Items