Tree Benches

Broxap have a range of benches and seats available, designed to fit around trees. Tree benches and seats provide natural shade and protection from the weather. They create a relaxing outdoor seating area, whilst making use of the natural surroundings. Tree benches are available in various sizes to suit different sized tree trunks. Explore more outdoor seating like our contemporary seating. 

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9 Items

  1. Wythenshawe Bench
    BX14 1930 Wythenshawe Bench
  2. Weybridge Bench
    BX14 4073 Weybridge Bench
    From £2,468.00
  3. Easthorpe Seat
    BX17 4050 Easthorpe Seat
    From £3,244.00
  4. Modulock Bench
    BX17 MOD Modulock Bench
  5. Hexagonal Tree Bench
    BX/PD 450022 HEX Hexagonal Tree Bench
  6. Square Tree Bench
    BX/PD 450022 SQ Square Tree Bench
  7. Weyburn Curved Bench with Planters
    BX14 BSP Weyburn Curved Bench with Planters
  8. Circular Weyburn Seat
    BX14 112/S-RT Circular Weyburn Seat
  9. Beamish Tree Seat
    BX71 Beamish Tree Seat Hexagonal Beamish Tree Seat Hexagonal
    From £475.00
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9 Items