Cycle parking for adapted bikes

Invest in secure, inclusive cycle parking facilities with Broxap’s stands, shelters and storage for non-standard bikes such as adapted cycles used by disabled people.
Broxap specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality cycle parking infrastructure for all locations and need.

Easy to use, our designs aim to inspire confidence among cyclists that they will be able to access secure parking wherever they go, for all types of cycles including non-standard and adapted bikes.

Our range of cycle parking stands includes options built to proven designs and dimensions to accommodate inclusive cycles and tricycles.
Security is critical to all cyclists and as well as being manufactured for long-lasting durability, Broxap’s inclusive cycle parking stands include features such as tapping bars and multiple locking points.

Shelters including the popular Wardale Cycle Shelter and Apollo Cycle Shelter are available in widths to suit the required spacing and layouts for inclusive cycle parking.
We provide experienced teams of installers who work across the UK to correctly fit and install our cycle parking products.

Broxap partners with clients across a range of sectors to provide cycle parking for general public use.

This includes on-street cycle parking, workplace facilities, school cycle parking facilities, cycle stands, racks and shelters for leisure venues and tourist attractions and cycle parking for transport interchanges.

Our inclusive cycle storage range also extends to folding cycle lockers, providing a whole variety of cycle parking arrangements for non-standard cycles and adapted bikes.

7 Products
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7 Items

  1. Strand Cycle Stand
    BXMW/STRA Strand Cycle Stand
  2. Sheffield Extra Cycle Stand
    BXMW/S47 Sheffield Extra Cycle Stand
    From £99.00
  3. Bracknall Cycle Stand
    BXMW/BRA Bracknell Cycle Stand
    From £159.00
  4. Sheffield Cycle Stand with Tapping Bar
    BXMW/GS0-TB Sheffield Cycle Stand with Tapping Bar
    From £55.00
  5. Wardale Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/WAR Wardale® Cycle Shelter
    From £1,294.00
  6. apollo cycle shelter
    BXMW/AP Apollo Cycle Shelter
    From £2,073.00
  7. Folding Bike Lockers
    BXMWFLDB Folding Bike Locker
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7 Items