Timber Planters

Our range of timber planters are large capacity stylish planters. Timber planters are ideal for parks, recreational areas, towns and cities. We offer these planters in a range of styles and sizes to suit any requirements and surroundings.

Timber planters are generally supplied in hardwood Iroko with a treated softwood option available as required. All timber can be supplied FSC® (FSC-C122338) on request.

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  1. Kirkholt Planter
    BX14 5015 Kirkholt Planter
    From £1,382.00
  2. Bedlington Planter
    BX14 5000 Bedlington Planter
    From £973.00
  3. Hemsworth Planter
    BX17 4042 Hemsworth Planter
    From £325.00
  4. Longley Planter
    BX17 4043 Longley Planter
  5. Swindon Planter
    BX14 4047 Swindon Planter
    From £1,023.00
  6. Paisley Planter
    BX14 5005 Paisley Planter
  7. Hexagonal Planter
    BX/HMP 400904 Hexagonal Planter
    From £135.00
  8. Rectangular Planter
    BX/HMP 400906 Rectangular Planter
    From £240.00
  9. Square Planter
    BX/HMP 400905 Square Planter
    From £190.00
  10. Square Planter Seat
    BX/PD 450015 Square Planter Seat
    From £745.00
  11. Devon Planters & Seating
    BX/PD 450002 Devon Planters & Seating
    From £710.00
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11 Items

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