Cycle Racks

Broxap provides a wide variety of durable and robust cycle racks, available in various shapes and sizes to suit every cycle and location. Available in both senior and junior size, the cycle racks are constructed of galvanised steel and can be polyester powder coated in a range of standard colours.

These products are designed to allow the user to secure their bike to the rack using their own lock and are available in a range of styles from the traditional to more space-saving style racks. The traditional style Sheffield cycle rack is one of Broxap’s most popular cycle parking solutions, as it provides simple and secure cycle parking on a double-sided basis.

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  1. Sheffield Cycle Rack
    BXMW/GS Sheffield Cycle Rack
    From £133.00
  2. Harrogate Cycle Rack | Cycle Parking | Broxap
    BXMW/GH Harrogate Cycle Rack
    From £172.00
  3. Stainless Steel Cycle Rack
    BXMW/SSS Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Rack
    From £225.00
  4. Neath Cycle Rack
    BXMW/NEA Neath Cycle Rack
    From £209.00
  5. Crewe Cycle Rack
    BXMW/CRE Crewe Cycle Rack
  6. High Density Cycle Rack
    BXMW/HD High Density Cycle Rack
    From £1,336.00
  7. Stromness Cycle Rack
    BXMW/STR Stromness Cycle Rack
    From £269.00
  8. Easi-Riser Two Tier Cycle Parking System
    BXMW/EASI-RISER Easi-Riser 2-Tier Cycle Rack (Lift Assisted)
    From £140.00
  9. Eco-Riser Two Tier Cycle Parking System
    BXMW/ECO-2Tier Eco-2-Tier Cycle Rack (Manual Lift)
    From £125.00
  10. Conway Cycle Rack
    BXMW/CON Conway Cycle Rack
    From £691.00
  11. Soundwell Cycle Rack
    BXMW/SOU Soundwell Cycle Rack
    From £287.00
  12. Carlton Cycle Rack
    BXMW/CLT Carlton Cycle Rack
    From £146.00
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Items 1-12 of 24