Trim Trail Equipment

Putting the fun into exercise is easy with a Trim Trail.

The adventure courses encourage children to take part in regular physical activity as they attempt to improve their performance and overcome the most difficult obstacles.

A Trim Trail is not only a great way for young people to keep fit, it is fantastic for developing essential skills such as balance and coordination.

A Trim Trail offers a variety of activities, of different intensities, such as swinging and climbing which strengthens muscles and bones.

The establishment of motor skills helps to connect youngsters to new experiences and inspires healthy habits. A Trim Trail is also a fantastic way to add variety and capacity to PE lessons and school sports provision.

Our Trim Trail collection is made up of low-level timber play equipment ranging from tunnels to climbing walls, chin up bars to scramble nets.

As well as individual pieces of equipment, allowing for the creation of unique Trim Trails, we’ve put together some of our most popular apparatus in the Selbourne Trail and Fernhurst Trail.

Strong, safe and highly durable, the entire range is built to ensure children have plenty of reason to ditch the screens and enjoy spending time in the fresh air.

Designed and built in the UK, our products are crafted from responsibly sourced timber and incorporate traditional carpentry techniques.

Our state-of-the-art wood workshop has access to five axis CNC machining to offer ultimate precision and produce a long-lasting quality playground.

The Trim Trail collection uses large square section redwood timbers to reduce the issue of splits, cracks and warping. These timbers are also easier for users to grip and stand on.

From schools to holiday sites, tourist attractions to parks and green spaces, the pick-and-mix creation of a Trim Trail means it can be tailored to suit any outdoor area.

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  1. Thorncliffe Trail
    Thorncliffe Trail Thorncliffe Trail
  2. Bosley Trail
    Bosley Trail Bosley Trail
  3. The Race Trail
    The Race Trail The Race Trail
  4. Rudyard Trail
    Rudyard Trail Rudyard Trail
  5. Trapeze Rings
    BX/HMP3 100043 Trapeze Ropes
  6. Twist Net
    BX/HMP3 100088 Twist Net
  7. Traverse Rope
    BX/HMP3 100114 Traverse Rope
  8. Stilts
    BX/HMP3 100018 Stilts
  9. Parallel Bars
    BX/HMP3 100909 Parallel Bars
  10. Sloped Balance Beams
    BX/HMP3 100113 Sloped Balance Beams
  11. Triple Traverse Walls
    BX/HMP3 100024 Triple Traverse Walls
  12. Balance Beam
    BX/HMP3 100001 Balance Beam
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Items 1-12 of 38