Outdoor Fitness Equipment

One of the UK’s largest ranges of outdoor gym equipment is available from Broxap’s Sunshine Gym division.

With a mission to encourage wellbeing for everybody, it takes a dynamic approach to projects to offer affordable, long-term fitness opportunities.Sunshine Gym works closely with clients to develop outdoor fitness areas that suit a wide variety of needs and abilities. The freely-accessible range includes cardiovascular exercise units, strength building stations, and equipment designed for light stretching and warm ups.

Sunshine Gym products are purpose-built for regular use in the open air and carry the Broxap mark of quality.  Tested to BS EN 16630:2015 standards, they are able to withstand the most demanding outdoor conditions and repeated operation, ensuring sites remain sustainable at a competitive cost.

Outdoor gyms can flourish in almost any environment. Highly-trained design and installation teams have a wealth of experience in transforming land at parks and green spaces, schools, businesses and healthcare settings, prisons and housing complexes. And thanks to an in-depth understanding of the industry, technical advisers can guide customers through the entire build process - from idea maps to site fitting - to create an outdoor gym, tailored for specific locations and purpose.

As a market leader, Sunshine Gym works to create safe, interesting and attractive workout areas which as well as boosting people’s fitness inspire social inclusion and respect for surroundings. Multi gym arrangements can encourage class and group workouts among families, friends and colleagues while the right mix of equipment ensures individual users stay motivated.

An integral stop system is a key component of the safety functions built into the range ensuring each user is independently in control of the equipment. This is just one of many priorities for Sunshine Gym which prides itself on its commitment to upholding the most stringent safety and inspection standards for communities now and in the future.

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  1. Children's Double Health Walker
    BX/SG 4005 Children's Double Health Walker
  2. Children's Double Slalom Skier
    BX/SG 4006 Children's Double Slalom Skier
  3. Children's Sky Stepper
    BX/SG 4009 Children's Sky Stepper
  4. Children's Arm & Pedal Bicycle
    BX/SG 4011 Children's Arm & Pedal Bicycle
  5. Children's Rower
    BX/SG 4008 Children's Rower
  6. Children's Horse Rider
    BX/SG 4007 Children's Horse Rider
  7. Children's Energise
    BX/SG 7005-GG Children's ENERGISE Multi Gym
  8. Children's Activ8 Multi Gym
    BX/SG 7000-GG Children's Activ8 Multi Gym
  9. Squirrel Hayes Primary School
    BX/SG 7002-GG Children's Integr8 Multi Gym
  10. Children's Motiv8 Multi Gym | Sunshine Gym
    BX/SG 7003-GG Children's Motiv8 Multi Gym
  11. Double Sit Up Bench - Woodville Junior School
    BX/SG 4000 Children's Double Sit Up Bench
  12. Children's Waist Twister
    BX/SG 4002 Children's Waist Twister
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Items 1-12 of 80