Cast Iron Benches

All Broxap’s cast iron benches and seats, bear the unique cast iron guarantee for a lifetime in excess of 100 years. These benches and seats are supplied free standing, secured to the ground using Leibig bolts or with extensions legs or submerged fixed, directly into concrete. Broxap’s range of heavy-duty cast iron benches and seats are combined with timber slats as standard and steel slats or robust all-steel slats, for additional options. These are used to provide a stronger vandal-resistant alternative.

The cast iron benches and seats are supplied in grade 250 cast iron as standard with additional options to be cast in ductile iron, grades 450-10. The composition of ductile iron makes the benches and seats inherently stronger, therefore Broxap advise these where the seat may be exposed to vandalism or possible vehicular impact.

All cast iron components are finished with a primer undercoat and a 2-pack acrylic topcoat in a range of BS / RAL colours. One or more colours can be used to highlight design detail, match existing colour schemes or to include corporate colours. At Broxap, Ardenbrites Light Gold No. 1 is used, which is bright, durable and has excellent colour retention. All of Broxap’s highlighting is hand painted onto the product. Cast iron bench and seat ends may also be customised to include logos, crests or coat of arms to create a special corporate or public identity. Brass plaques may be supplied with an inscription which is engraved and infilled. Plaques measure 40mm x 200mm and are rebated into the back slat of the seat to make a memorial bench.
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  1. Eastgate Seat Memorial Bench at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Warrington
    BX 2020-BP Eastgate Seat
    From £497.00
  2. Eastgate 'Anti Vandal' Seat
    BX 2020-AV Eastgate 'Anti Vandal' Seat
    From £618.00
  3. Lakeside Seat
    BX 2060 Lakeside Seat
    From £558.00
  4. Lakeside 'Anti Vandal' Seat
    BX 2060-AV-BP Lakeside 'Anti Vandal' Seat
    From £664.00
  5. Blackburn Seat
    BX 2047-BP Blackburn Seat
    From £553.00
  6. Blackburn 'Anti-Vandal' Seat
    BX 2047-AV Blackburn 'Anti-Vandal' Seat
    From £659.00
  7. Deeside Seat
    BX 2050 Deeside Seat
    From £520.00
  8. Ripon Seat
    BX 2040-BP Ripon Seat
    From £614.00
  9. Ashbourne Seat
    BX 720 Ashbourne Seat
    From £672.00
  10. Lion's Head Seat
    BX 2046-BP Lionshead Seat
    From £798.00
  11. Rotherham Seat
    BX 2025-1-BP Rotherham Seat
    From £944.00
  12. Ludlow steel framed timber seat
    BX 1701-CI-P&S Ludlow Seat
    From £467.00
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Items 1-12 of 24