Outdoor Benches & Seating

Broxap provides attractive external benches and seats which are low maintenance, durable and ergonomically designed. Built from strong, high quality materials, benches and seats are ideal for public places in towns, cities and parks.

Supplied either root fixed or base plated, Broxap provide benches and seats in single cast ironstainless steelconcrete and timber. For waterside applications, the stainless steel benches are also available in Grade 316. These are also great for positioning next to ponds and lakes take a look at our park benches.

Our large range of external seating is created to enhance the overall appearance of an outdoor space. Customisation options are offered to really complement their surroundings. For contemporary designs, we suggest our Nusser and Calzolari ranges. More traditional benches include the cast iron benches, which are constructed with heavy-duty cast iron frames and timber slats, and memorial benches for a loving and lasting tribute.

We recommend our range of cast iron or steel and timber benches for park uses, as they fit well with the natural surroundings. Our range also includes duracast polyurethane benches which require very low maintenance. These external benches are ideal for coastlines and waterside locations.

Create stylish, flexible and functional outdoor spaces with the new Northstowe Meet and Greet range from Broxap Street Furniture. From meetings on the move to creative thinking space; casual dining to community socialising areas this modular range of outdoor seating, tables and planters puts people at the heart of any landscape scheme.

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  1. Eastgate Seat Memorial Bench at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Warrington
    BX 2020-BP Eastgate Seat
    From £497.00
  2. Ludlow steel framed timber seat
    BX 1701-CI-P&S Ludlow Seat
    From £467.00
  3. Andromeda Smog Eater
    BX27 2036 Andromeda Smog Eater
  4. Florence Seat
    BX14 4528 Florence Seat
    From £1,058.00
  5. Broxap Recycled Plastic 'Irvine' Bench
    BX81 2060-S Irvine Seat
    From £521.00
  6. Broxap's Recycled 'Irvine' Bench
    BX81 2060-B Irvine Bench
    From £399.00
  7. Irvine Connect
    BX81 2060-C Irvine Connect
    From £290.00
  8. Irvine Extend
    BX81 2060-E Irvine Extend
    From £315.00
  9. Whitwell Picnic Unit
    BXLT 4091/P Whitwell Timber Picnic Unit
    From £1,525.00
  10. Hemstone Picnic Unit
    BX14 1023-P Hemstone Picnic Unit
    From £1,762.00
  11. Versa Single Straight Bench - Delta leg
    Versa Modular Seating Range **NEW** Versa Modular Seating Range
  12. Wiltshire Bench
    BX14 4660-1-BP Wiltshire Bench
    From £746.00
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Items 1-12 of 385