Grit Bins

The grit bins in this section are available in a range of capacities, from 100 litres to 400 litres. This makes them ideal for residential areas, schools, town centres, retail parks, hospitals and more.

Each of the grit and salt containers in Broxap’s range are manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene, and designed with a rigid outer structure which includes a strong "through-rod” hinge system. This ensures a particularly durable unit with the integral construction necessary to help combat vandalism.

The excellent design of a Broxap grit bin allows for the use of light, cost effective plastic in various colours. What’s more, with their contents to weigh them down, these bins need no bolts or fixings to keep them in place on whatever surface they’re needed. This means that wherever you need to improve safety by installing a grit bin, you can rely on Broxap to provide the most suitable solution.

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