Concrete Bins

Sturdy and reliable, a concrete litter bin from Broxap Street Furniture is a heavy-duty solution to keeping external areas clean and tidy.

The hard-wearing nature of concrete and its resistance to all weathers makes our litter bin range perfect for every outdoor location.

With a wide variety of colours and finishes available, the collection offers up numerous design options that are both robust yet eye-catching.

And as a leading supplier of litter and recycling bins to the UK market, we also provide a selection of added extras, from lids to ashtrays.

A concrete litter bin is a solid choice, but buyers are by no means limited by its construction.

We can offer an assortment of concrete litter bins in different shapes and sizes.

Each one is highly resistant to damage, theft and vandalism as our litter bins retain the strength of concrete while still creating a style statement.

A concrete litter bin fits effortlessly into the urban landscape, but thanks to a natural finish our products are equally at home in rural locations and green spaces.

Made from high-quality materials, our concrete litter bins range is expertly crafted.

The minimalist and contemporary look of a concrete litter bin makes it a good choice for modern sites and they contrast perfectly with the built environment. Take a look also at our concrete and granite seating and selection of concrete picnic benches.

Concrete litter bins are very sustainable.

Our range is extremely low maintenance. Highly durable, a concrete litter bin has the capacity to withstand a great deal of weight. They are also easy to clean.

Once a concrete litter bin is put in place, it will continue to serve for years to come.

Choose a concrete litter bin from Broxap Street Furniture for timeless appeal and functionality.

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  1. concrete bin
    BX18 3903 Sunbury Concrete Litter Bin
    From £599.00
  2. Calzolari Litter Bin H
    BX27 2080 Calzolari Litter Bin H
    From £366.00
  3. Calzolari Litter Bin A
    BX27 Calzolari Litter Bin A Calzolari Litter Bin A
    From £315.00
  4. Calzolari Litter Bin B
    BX27 Calzolari Litter Bin B Calzolari Litter Bin B
    From £409.00
  5. Calzolari Litter Bin C
    BX27 Calzolari Litter Bin C Calzolari Litter Bin C
    From £401.00
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5 Items