Shelters for Schools

Our shelters for schools serve various purposes. Their versatility allows them to be transformed into outdoor classrooms to create additional learning spaces or even an outdoor dining area.

At a slightly elevated cost, we offer the functionality to add extras such as side panels and entry points, providing coverages in all areas and making them suitable for any location.

Covered walkways and entrance canopies are excellent for welcoming visitors. They provide protection against elements and serve as pathways to guide visitors around the school site.

A well-designed, manufactured, and installed shelter for schools from Broxap can contribute to the school grounds' aesthetic improvement by transforming under-used or neglected outdoor spaces and giving them a whole new purpose.

We can offer standard or made-to-measure shelters to suit your school’s requirements. With seven decades of experience, designing, manufacturing, and installing shelters in schools, we understand the benefits of having a school canopy in an early years setting, primary and secondary schools, and also further education establishments.

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  1. Newcastle Monopitch Canopy
    BXMW/NEWS/MONO Newcastle Monopitch Canopy
    From £1,751.00
  2. Newcastle Duopitch
    BXMW/NEWS-DUO Newcastle Duopitch
  3. Newcastle Senior Asymmetric at Offley Primary School, Sandbach
    BXMW/NEWS-ASY Newcastle Senior Asymmetric
  4. Newcastle Senior Symmetric
    BXMW/NEWS Newcastle Symmetric Canopy
    From £2,777.00
  5. Newcastle Monopitch Walkway
    BXDB/NEW/MONO-WALK Newcastle Monopitch Walkway
  6. Newcastle Monopitch Lattice at Toynbee School, Eastleigh
    BXMW/MONO-LATT Newcastle Monopitch Lattice
  7. Newcastle Duopitch Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/NEWS/DUO-ENT Newcastle Duopitch Entrance Canopy
  8. St. John Fisher Cantilever Walkway - Starting Point Children's Centre
    BXDB/STJ/ASY-WALK St. John Fisher Cantilever Asymmetric Walkway
  9. Luton Walkway - Cathedral Primary School
    BXMW/LU-WALK Luton Walkway
  10. St. John Fisher Canopy
    BXMW/STJ St. John Fisher Canopy
  11. Square Conic
    BXTS/PAR/C Square Conic
    From £3,317.00
  12. Twin Conic Canopy
    BXTS/TWIN/C Double Conic
    From £19,716.00
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Items 1-12 of 22