Motorcycle Security Devices

A selection of economical yet robust and extremely effective motorcycle security products. Innovative and durable motorcycle security products that allow a user to secure their motorbike to the stand or rack with their own sturdy locking mechanism. These stands and racks are constructed of heavy duty materials to deter removal of a motorcycle by thieves giving peace of mind to the owner.

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  1. Dundee Anti-Ram Cycle Stand
    BXMW/DUN-2 Dundee Anti-Ram Cycle Stand
    From £568.00
  2. Pitlochry Cycle/Motorcycle Bracket
    BXMW/WMMC Pitlochry Cycle/Motorcycle Bracket
    From £39.00
  3. Retractable Shackle
    BXMW/ML/RA-10 Retractable Shackle
    From £277.00
  4. Rotating Ground Anchor
    BXMW/ML/BA-10 Rotating Ground Anchor
    From £289.00
  5. Security Bracket Anchor
    BXMW/ML50-B/C Security Bracket Anchor
    From £265.00
  6. Security Bracket
    BXMW/ML30-C Security Bracket
    From £116.00
  7. Arbroath Motorcycle Rack
    BXMW/MO2 Arbroath Motorcycle Rack
    From £382.00
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