Canopies & Shelters for Shade

Transform outdoor spaces with our high-quality shade canopies and shelters, each crafted to elevate your outdoor experience.

Our shade solutions are designed to provide protection from the sun, rain, and other elements, ensuring you can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort all year around.

With a range of materials such as timber, polycarbonate, tensile fabric and glass our shade canopies and shelters can be matched to pre-existing street furniture, and the aesthetics of the surrounding area. 

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  1. Open Pergola
    BX/HMP 200017 Open Pergola
  2. Didcot Pergola
    Didcot Pergola Didcot Pergola
  3. Palisade Brise Soleil
    BXMW/PAL Palisade Brise Soleil
    From £1,598.00
  4. Shade Sail Canopy
    BX/HMP 200018 Timber Shade Sail Canopy
  5. Litchard Timber Shelter / Walkway
    BXDB/BSP/LITCH Litchard Timber Shelter / Walkway
    From £1,594.00
  6. Westgate Outdoor Classroom
    BX/HMP 200008 Westgate Outdoor Classroom
  7. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-TRI-PB Triangle Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    From £2,012.00
  8. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-HYS-PB Square Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    From £2,990.00
  9. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-BSP-PB Combined Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
  10. Square Conic
    BXTS/PAR/C Square Conic
    From £3,317.00
  11. Hexagonal Conic Canopy
    BX/TS PAR/CH Hexagonal Conic
    From £7,113.00
  12. Twin Conic Canopy
    BXTS/TWIN/C Double Conic
    From £19,716.00
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Items 1-12 of 24