Eco Friendly Play Equipment

Supporting learning outside the classroom is a big part of our role.

We believe a hands-on approach is one of the best ways to help children understand the world around them.

That’s why we have developed a range of products to be incorporated into eco play and forest school activities.

Whether creating a sensory garden or a vegetable plot, our collection of planters and outdoor nature play equipment make the learning experience one to remember.

Whatever space is available, we have a planter to fit. Built at our timber workshop in North Staffordshire, the range includes Triangular Planters, Hexagonal Planters and Corner Planters.

For playgrounds with a nature theme, we also offer a Swan Planter which is easily accessible for children and makes a stunning centrepiece.

Meanwhile our Sensory Planter is split into three multi-level sections, each featuring a sensory post.

Wildlife gardens may benefit from our Compost Cottage or a Minibeast HQ.

These helpful garden features will attract and encourage a variety of species to any outdoor space – urban or rural.

Learning outdoors can help aid social and emotional development as well as encourage key skills for the future. Traditional subjects such as literacy and mathematics are easily incorporated into eco school lessons.

Our planters and play equipment help young people connect with nature in a creative way as well as support action-orientated learning on themes such as sustainability, energy and healthy living.

Natural resources also make for lots of fun. Our Mud Kitchen is a firm favourite in early years settings and a Willow Tunnel or Willow Dome are great places for youngsters to explore.

Many of our playground activities are also suited to a school garden or outdoor learning area.

Finger Mazes, Activity Panels and Sensory Totems stimulate curiosity and encourage pupils to explore and challenge the environment around them.

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  1. Easel
    BX71 Easel Easel
    From £357.00
  2. The Village Shop
    BX71 Village Shop Village Shop
    From £2,445.00
  3. Steering Wheel Post
    BX71 Steering Wheel Post Steering Wheel Post
    From £378.00
  4. Steering Wheel Wall Mount
    BX71 Steering Wheel Mount Steering Wheel Wall Mount
    From £376.00
  5. Train with Steering Wheels
    BX71 3986 Train with Steering Wheels
    From £1,560.00
  6. Sandpit - black
    BX71 4006 Broxap's Recycled Plastic Sandpit
    From £562.00
  7. Podium
    BX71 Podium Podium
    From £1,709.00
  8. Train with carriages
    BX71 Train with Carriages Train with Carriages
    From £7,517.00
  9. Raft
    BX71 Raft Raft
    From £1,862.00
  10. Fire Engine
    BX71 Fire Engine Fire Engine
    From £2,445.00
  11. Large Boat
    BX71 Boat Boat
    From £1,308.00
  12. Playboat
    BX71 Play Boat Play Boat
    From £4,279.00
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Items 1-12 of 32