Outdoor Ashtrays & Cigarette Bins

Broxap’s collection of cigarette bins provide the perfect solution for smokers to extinguish their cigarettes, before entry to a public space or workplace. 

With 38% of UK litter being cigarette related waste, it is paramount that a safe and effective cigarette disposal solution is provided for public use. At Broxap, our cigarette bins are manufactured from a lightweight steel, or aluminium, thus ensuring the safe disposal of cigarette litter. In addition to this, their sleek design provides an aesthetically pleasing litter bin which is sure to complement any existing external works.

Broxap makes free-standing cigarette disposal units as well as wall- or post-mounted models. The different fixing options ensure that you can place these bins wherever they are required, including attached directly to a shelter. This allows for businesses, retail parks, factories, hospitals and other establishments to install a fully integrated smoking shelter solution using just one supplier!

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4 Items

  1. Ashton Cigarette Bin
    BX45G 2566 Ashton Cigarette Bin
    From £155.00
  2. Ashurst Cigarette Bin
    BX37 2330 Ashurst Cigarette Bin
  3. Ashby Cigarette Bin
    BX37 2331 Ashby Cigarette Bin
  4. Lucifer Cigarette Bin
    BX50S 2553 Lucifer Cigarette Bin
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4 Items