Steel Framed Timber Benches & Seats

Broxap's steel framed seats are comprised of steel seat ends and timber slats. Their wide range of steel framed timber benches and seats provide an economical, yet visually-appealing seating solution, in a variety of colours.

Built from galvanised steel, these benches are protected against corrosion and ideal for areas with a low risk of vandalism. This includes locations such as parks & open space schemes, schools & playgrounds and shopping centres & retail parks.

Steel framed seats and benches have proved to be the perfect solution where modern, new-looking sites, are undergoing redevelopment, and where impressive contemporary fascias and schemes are being constructed. For example, museums, marinas/harbour buildings and commercial properties. Available root fixed or base plate fixed, these seats and benches will integrate effortlessly and discreetly, to enhance and embellish these surroundings.

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  1. Ingleby Table
    BX12 Ingleby Table Ingleby Table
  2. Hemstone Seat
    BX14 1024 Hemstone Seat
    From £1,048.00
  3. Hemstone Bench
    BX14 1020 Hemstone Bench
    From £797.00
  4. Daphne
    BX27 2075 Daphne
  5. Wiltshire Bench
    BX14 4660-1-BP Wiltshire Bench
    From £775.00
  6. Wiltshire Seat
    BX14 4660 Wiltshire Seat
    From £906.00
  7. Litchard Seat at York House, Windsor
    BX17 4071/S Litchard Seat
    From £535.00
  8. Litchard Bench at The Briars Housing Estate
    BX17 4071/B Litchard Bench
    From £442.00
  9. Willenhall Seat
    BX14 4015 Willenhall Seat
    From £567.00
  10. Willenhall Bench
    BX14 4020-BP Willenhall Bench
    From £434.00
  11. Medway Bench
    BX14 4027 Medway Bench
    From £418.00
  12. Medway Seat
    BX14 4026 Medway Seat
    From £514.00
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Items 1-12 of 92