Contemporary Street Furniture

The contemporary street furniture range covers the whole spectrum, from traditional and robust seats, benches and litter bins to modern and design-orientated solutions that blend perfectly into the modern architecture of towns and cities.

The contemporary street furniture range includes products from Nusser Stadtmöbel GmbH & Co KG, ODM Stadtmöbel and a range of litter bins from Beck GmbH & Co KG. The Beck GmbH & Co KG specialises in an attractive range of public space contemporary litter bins. The ODM Stadtmöbel GmbH & Co. KG division has been a member since 2014 specialising in contemporary street furniture design manufactured in stainless steel.

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  1. Ingleby Table
    BX12 Ingleby Table Ingleby Table
    From £2,231.00
  2. Plaza I Bench
    BX12 Plaza I Plaza I Bench
  3. Plaza II Bench
    BX12 Plaza II Plaza II Bench
    From £2,449.00
  4. Plaza III M Bench
    BX12 Plaza III M Plaza III M Bench
    From £3,394.00
  5. Plaza III S Bench
    BX12 Plaza III S Plaza III S Bench
    From £3,204.00
  6. Plaza Mono Bench
    BX12 Plaza Mono Plaza Mono Bench
    From £1,399.00
  7. Plaza Table
    BX12 Plaza Table Plaza Table
    From £3,136.00
  8. Desford I Bench at University of Leeds
    BX12 Desford I Desford I Bench
    From £1,726.00
  9. Desford I L Bench
    BX12 Desford IL Desford I L Bench
    From £2,523.00
  10. Desford I Seat with Backrest
    BX12 Desford I-BR Desford I Seat with Backrest
    From £3,017.00
  11. Desford III S Bench
    BX12 Desford IIIS Desford III S Bench
    From £1,895.00
  12. Desford III M Bench
    BX12 Desford IIIM Desford III M Bench
    From £2,548.00
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Items 1-12 of 113