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Timber Benches

Our heavy duty timber benches and seats are ideal for parks and outdoor spaces due to their excellent structural properties. Available in a range of finishes, including hardwood, FSC certified timber and treated softwood, these traditional, elegant external seating solutions integrate effortlessly with the natural surroundings.

Timber seating can be installed freestanding in very secure areas or in locations where regular repositioning is required. Alternatively, root fixing options may be available. Bolt-down or concrete-in base plate fixings also provide a secure installation.

Due to its natural strength, timber is ideal for street furniture offering long lasting durability as well as comfort. Our all-timber seating options range from traditional park benches with supporting backrests and armrests, to simple benches with clean lines and modern shapes.

Ideal for community gardens and open green spaces, we have different sized timber seats to fit the available space such as the slimline Willington Bench, the chunky Kedleston Bench for contemporary and urban settings and the stand-out classic style of the Buckingham Seat.

Providing public realm seating brings a range of benefits to communities and timber benches are equally at home in a busy plaza or market square as they are in country parks and recreation grounds. Seating brings activity to an area, creating a safe outdoor meeting place for friends and neighbours. It inspires more people to take active travel journeys, creating rest points along the way.

The right outdoor seating can make a park or green space more appealing to a broader range of users and, thanks to their flexibility of use, timber benches are a fantastic choice. Timber seats may appeal to an older or less mobile demographic who require back support or the assistance of armrests when sitting down or raising themselves up from sitting position. The contemporary, chunky styles of our timber benches or timber cube seats are ideal for group seating arrangements which are popular among young people.

A slatted timber bench can stand up against the extremes of the UK weather giving years of service. As well as a wide range of style and design options, timber benches are a sustainable choice, incorporating natural, renewable materials for an easy-to-maintain outdoor seating solution.

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  1. Edale Rustic 3 Slat Seat
    BX17 4022 Edale Rustic 3 Slat Seat
    From £334.00
  2. Hatton Rustic 4 Slat Seat
    BX17 4055 Hatton Rustic 4 Slat Seat
    From £350.00
  3. Fenwick Bench
    BXLT 4094 Fenwick Bench
    From £689.00
  4. Hutton Bench | Timber Benches and Seats | Broxap
    BXLT 4008 Hutton Bench
    From £362.00
  5. Hodnet Bench | Broxap | Timber Seating & Benches
    BXLT 4010-RT Hodnet Seat
    From £385.00
  6. Cuerdon Bench | Timber Benches & Seats | Broxap
    BXLT 4012 Cuerdon Bench
    From £434.00
  7. Armley Rustic 2 Slat Bench
    BX17 4056 Armley Rustic 2 Slat Bench
    From £292.00
  8. Penwortham Seat | Timber Benches & Seats | Broxap
    BXLT 4012-1 Penwortham Seat
    From £451.00
  9. Harecastle Bench
    BXLT 4076 Harecastle Bench
    From £385.00
  10. Brocastle Timber Bench | Broxap | Timber Benches & Seats
    BXLT 4075 Brocastle Bench
    From £367.00
  11. Whitwell Bench | Broxap | Timber Benches & Seats
    BXLT 4091 Whitwell Bench
    From £415.00
  12. Kedleston Seat
    BXLT 4092 Kedleston Seat
    From £474.00
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Items 1-12 of 43