Outdoor Sensory Play Equipment

Activity panels add interest and surprise to an outdoor play or recreation area.

They can be positioned among traditional equipment to give a sensory dimension to active play times or grouped together to form the main feature of a garden or playground.

Activity panels provide something new for youngsters to discover, giving them access to different and unusual experiences.

They help to make every break or playground visit a varied and original adventure.

The beauty of activity panels is that they can liven up the smallest of spaces and give depth to some of the most extensive play areas.

Our range of panels include Mirror Panels with different options available to vary the reflections of children, encouraging them to question their reality based on the sensory information around them.

Dry Wipe, Chalk and Tracing Boards are great for role play and inspire creativity. They allow youngsters to make their mark on the world, while mastering artistic techniques supports hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

An easel offers thoughtful ways for children with different interests to play together and can help entice the most reluctant pupils to venture outside and enjoy time in the fresh air.

Fun and education come together in our Finger Mazes. These activity panels explore problem solving through brain games and interactive play. The mazes also support mindfulness and focus, matching simple puzzles with lots of tactile features.

Activity panels are an easy way to refresh and rejuvenate an existing play area and support inclusive play thanks to their accessibility. The panels can be installed as wall or post mounted for added flexibility. Built in our timber workshop, they can be included in our bespoke playground designs or bought separately to increase the play value of a site.

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8 Items

  1. Finger Mazes
    BX/HMP finger_mazes Finger Mazes
  2. Dizzy Disc
    BX/HMP 400007 Dizzy Disc
  3. Chalk Board
    BX/HMP 400902 Chalk Board
  4. Dry Wipe Board
    BX/HMP 400901 Dry Wipe Board
  5. Tracing Board
    BX/HMP 400903 Tracing Board
  6. Concave Mirror Panel
    BX/HMP 400005 Concave Mirror Panel
  7. Flat Mirror
    BX/HMP 400028 Flat Mirror
  8. Convex Mirror Panel
    BX/HMP 400006 Convex Mirror Panel
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8 Items