Tree Protection

Broxap offer a range of cast iron tree grilles and steel tree guards to promote tree growth and tree protection. All grille types can be modified to incorporate holes for lighting units, water irrigation or other bespoke features.

Broxap’s tree protection range comprises of 3 main products: Tree Grilles, Tree Frames and Tree Guards. In addition to our standard range, we are also an exclusive UK distributor of Germany’s System Buderus; making Broxap tree protection a unique provider.

Tree Guards

Tree guards are manufactured from mild steel and form a protective cage around the trunk of the tree / sapling and are available in various diameters to suit the required application.

Tree guards may be used as a stand alone product and may be fixed directly into the ground with spiked legs. Alternatively, to provide added protection to the tree / sapling a tree guard may be used in conjunction with a tree grille and frame in which case the tree guard is bolted directly to the tree frame. All tree guards are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 and powder coated in a range of BS or RAL Colours.

Tree Grilles

Tree grilles are manufactured from cast iron and are available in various designs and dimensions. The tree grille design allows for rain and irrigation water to pass through the grille and to the root of the tree. All tree grilles are supplied painted in a primer undercoat and a 2-pack acrylic topcoat in a range of BS or RAL colours to a paint thickness of approximately 100 microns. Tree grilles may also be supplied in a Waterside Paint Specification if required.

Tree grilles may also be supplied in a course paint system known as Dacmix. This option comprises of a two–pack epoxy finish into which an aggregate is added. This system provides a less slippery surface when wet.

Tree Frames

Tree frames are manufactured from mild steel and are used to support the tree grille to prevent settlement between the tree grille segments. Tree frames are available in various sizes to suit each type of tree grille. The frame is placed on a concrete foundation in order to provide adequate support. Frames may also be manufactured with fixings to allow for attachment of a tree guard. Broxap offer both medium and heavy duty tree frames. Medium duty frames satisfy most normal requirements whilst heavy duty frames offer increased support for areas where the tree grilles may be exposed to heavier loading applications.

Tree Frames may also be supplied with removable central supports for use where the tree/sapling has not yet been planted but prior installation of the tree protection system is required. All tree frames are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 and powder coated in a range of BS or RAL colours.

Anti-Theft Clamps

Broxap’s standard anti-theft clamps prevent unauthorised removal of grille segments and help to ensure correct alignment of individual pieces.

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