Steel Bollards

Broxap manufactures the largest range of security, anti-ram steel bollards in the UK. From traditional to contemporary styles, you will find an excellent range of quality, hot dip, galvanized bollards to complement any scheme or location. The hot dip, galvanizing, ensures a rust-free life as well as having high tensile strength and vandal resistance. Galvanized steel bollards ensure suitability for most anti-ram and security applications, with a choice of fixing options to adapt to the individual bollard and its location.

Root, base plate, anti-ram or removable fixings can be selected and reflective bands in red, yellow or white can be incorporated for maximum vision when light is shone upon it. Broxap also offer a selection of standard RAL or BS colours, which can be used to enhance the steel bollard’s appearance, with the option for a wet paint finish.

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  1. Heavy Duty Security Bollard
    BX14 037 Heavy Duty Security Bollard
    From £91.00
  2. Swansea Steel Bollard
    BX14 6531-RT Swansea Galvanised Steel Bollard
    From £110.00
  3. Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    BX14 6501 Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    From £113.00
  4. Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    BX14 6500-RT Heavy Duty Bollards
    From £119.00
  5. Hastings Steel Bollard
    BX14 6541-RT Hastings Steel Bollard
    From £128.00
  6. Chester Steel Bollard
    BX14 6523-RT Chester Steel Bollard
    From £120.00
  7. Tunstall Steel Bollard
    BX14 6521-RT Tunstall Steel Bollard
    From £62.00
  8. Teeside Steel Bollard
    BX14 6520-RT Teeside Steel Bollard
    From £135.00
  9. Manchester Steel Bollard at Alexandra Park, Oldham
    BX14 6519-RT Manchester Steel Bollard
    From £128.00
  10. Ashmore Steel Bollard
    BX14 6700-RT Ashmore Steel Bollard
  11. Canalside Steel Bollard
    BX14 6527-RT Canalside Steel Bollard
  12. Newtown Steel Bollard
    BX14 6530-RT Newtown Steel Bollard
    From £139.00
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Items 1-12 of 15