Steel Benches

Broxap’s diverse range of steel benches varies from economy seats, to heavy duty, anti-vandal benches. These are constructed from components that are 100% recyclable. Their range of steel benches and seats are available free standing, root fixed or base plate fixed.

Mild steel benches and seats are durable and can be used in areas of potential vandalism. They all undergo galvanising prior to painting. Galvanising involves dipping the product into a bath of molten zinc which then acts as a barrier between the steel and the environment. The standard to which Broxap products are galvanized is BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

Once the steel bench has completed the galvanising process, a powder coated finish in a range of RAL or BS colours, is applied. Steel benches may also be supplied in a wet finish paint.

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  1. Weyburn Seat at King's Lynn Transport Interchage
    BX14 110/S-RT Weyburn Seat
    From £525.00
  2. Weyburn Bench at Seafront, Barry Island
    BX14 117/B-RT Weyburn Bench
    From £476.00
  3. Greenlea Seat
    BX17 4002 Greenlea Seat
    From £523.00
  4. Roslin Seat
    BX17 4001 Roslin Seat
    From £686.00
  5. Ilford Seat
    BX14 1902-BP Ilford Seat
  6. Ilford Bench
    BX 1902A Ilford Bench
  7. Roslin Bench
    BX17 4001A Roslin Bench
    From £367.00
  8. Fedra
    BX27 Fedra Fedra
    From £615.00
  9. Solway Bench
    BX17 4003-BP Solway Bench
    From £326.00
  10. St. Breock Bench
    BX29 2105-B St. Breock Bench
    From £552.00
  11. Tyneside Seat
    BX29 2120-RT Tyneside Seat
  12. Tyneside Bench at Strood Academy
    BX29 2121-RT Tyneside Bench
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Items 1-12 of 23