Two Tier Bike Racks & Shelters

Broxap is a UK-leader in the design and manufacture of innovative two tier bike racks, vertical and semi-vertical cycle racks and space saving cycle parking products. Two tier cycle parking systems provide a secure and easy-to-use solution in areas where there is a high demand for cycle parking, or where space is at a premium.

Within our collection of two tier cycle racks we offer both gas assisted lifting options as well as manual lift products for accessible cycle parking. These include the Easi-Riser with gas strut lift assist mechanism and the Eco-Riser with staggered upper tier cycle parking troughs operated by the user. Double stacked bike racks are ideal for locations where instructions can be displayed to ensure cyclists use the facilities safely.

This might be in a public area such as a railway station where a two tier bike rack enables cycles to be securely stacked, or perhaps within a cycle parking hub. Two tier and space saving cycle parking racks are ideal for city centres, business parks and universities.

Vertical cycle racks and stands as well as semi-vertical cycle parking racks often form a proportion of cycle parking provision offering choice to cyclists. Residential developments may also benefit from two tier bike racks, providing secure cycle storage facilities at dwellings for ENE8 credits. These can be combined with two tier cycle shelters or a cycle hub or cycle compound from Broxap. 

Our high-quality and highly durable cycle parking designs take into account both security and manoeuvrability. The two tier bike rack range features options for non standard bikes such as the Conway Cycle Rack which is designed for bikes with pannier bags. High-low cycle parking racks such as the Soundwell Cycle Rack ensure bikes are stored neatly and safely where pedestrians also need to be considered. Meanwhile the Bike Carousel is a vertical cycle storage rack for up to 12 bikes which allows both the frame and wheels to be secured.

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  1. Easi-Riser Two Tier Cycle Parking System
    BXMW/EASI-RISER Easi-Riser 2-Tier Cycle Rack (Lift Assisted)
    From £140.00
  2. Eco-Riser Two Tier Cycle Parking System
    BXMW/ECO-2Tier Eco-2-Tier Cycle Rack (Manual Lift)
    From £125.00
  3. Neath Cycle Rack
    BXMW/NEA Neath Cycle Rack
    From £209.00
  4. Tower Bridge Cycle Stand
    BXMW/TOB-LK Tower Bridge Cycle Stand

    180 In Stock

  5. Stromness Cycle Rack
    BXMW/STR Stromness Cycle Rack
    From £269.00
  6. Thames Bridge Cycle Stand
    BXMW/THB Thames Bridge Cycle Stand
    From £102.00
  7. High Density Cycle Rack
    BXMW/HD High Density Cycle Rack
    From £1,336.00
  8. Conway Cycle Rack
    BXMW/CON Conway Cycle Rack
    From £691.00
  9. Soundwell Cycle Rack
    BXMW/SOU Soundwell Cycle Rack
    From £287.00
  10. Bike Carousel
    BXMW/CAR Bike Carousel
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10 Items