Cast Iron Bollards

Broxap’s cast iron bollards are made from high quality materials for a premium architectural profile. Our cast iron bollard range is also available in ductile iron for more high demand applications.

The castability and fluidity of cast iron results in a superior looking bollard, delivering a range of decorative styles, clean modern forms and classic street bollard designs.
Dating back to the 19th Century, bollards were first used as a safety measure as London’s population boomed and the streets became more hazardous.
Today they are still protecting pedestrians as well as marking out different pathways and traffic zones, forming barriers to prevent damage to buildings and property and providing access control.

Cast iron bollards offer good wear resistance and excellent hard landscaping where detail is important.
All cast iron bollards from Broxap can be cast in either grade 250 grey iron or grade 450-10 ductile iron for enhanced sturdiness. Grade 450-10 ductile iron is usually chosen for its impact resistance and yield, often used as crash barriers to minimise damage from vehicles.
The strength and weight of both metal castings result in sophisticated bollard products with good surface appearance and durability.

Among the most traditional designs is the Manchester Cast Iron Bollard. This resembles a cannon shape. There is some question as to whether actual canons from French boats were repurposed as bollards following the Battle of Trafalgar, or whether canon-makers had to find a new use for their existing gun moulds.

Broxap offers a number of customisable options with cast iron bollards ranging from the addition of decorative painted bands, reflective bands and colour coating to the addition of logos and crests and waterside specification paint treatments. Some cast iron bollards can also be converted to post and rail arrangements, or combined with chains and panels for an effective barrier option. The traditional shape and style of many cast iron bollards make these a popular choice for waterside locations such as marinas and harbours. 

Bollards are also available in a wider range of materials with Broxap offering steel bollards, polyurethane bollards, timber bollards and recycled plastic bollards as part of its extensive range.

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  1. Manchester Cast Iron Bollard at Bedford Street, Cardiff
    BX 1539 Manchester Cast Iron Bollard
    From £146.00
  2. Blackburn Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1520 Blackburn Cast Iron Bollard
    From £171.00
  3. Cornwall Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1582 Cornwall Cast Iron Bollard
    From £220.00
  4. Blackpool Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1521 Blackpool Cast Iron Bollard
    From £184.00
  5. Exeter Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1526 Exeter Cast Iron Bollard
    From £174.00
  6. Birmingham Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1522 Birmingham Cast Iron Bollard
    From £183.00
  7. Spherical Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1502 Spherical Cast Iron Bollard
  8. Neston Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1504 Neston Cast Iron Bollard
    From £171.00
  9. Cannon Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1575 Cannon Cast Iron Bollard
    From £268.00
  10. St. Helens Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1608 St. Helens Cast Iron Bollard
    From £220.00
  11. Oxford Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1538 Oxford Cast Iron Bollard
    From £271.00
  12. Knot Mill Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1581 Knot Mill Cast Iron Bollard
    From £220.00
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Items 1-12 of 24