Contemporary Seating

Broxap's range of premier contemporary benches and seats increases the aesthetic appeal to any external area. Manufactured from high quality materials, our selection of modern and stylish seating provides the perfect solution to any modern site or redevelopment including city centres, universities, commercial and residential areas.

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  1. Litchard Seat
    BX17 4071/S Litchard Seat
    From £426.00
  2. Litchard Bench
    BX17 4071/B Litchard Bench
    From £369.00
  3. Helston Straight Bench
    BX14 4523/BS Helston Straight Bench
  4. Helston Curved Bench
    BX14 4523/BC Helston Curved Bench
  5. Litchard Sun Lounger
    BX17 4071/SL Litchard Sun Lounger
    From £899.00
  6. Litchard Short Bench
    BX17 4071/SB Litchard Short Bench
    From £188.00
  7. Litchard Table
    BX17 4071 Table Litchard Table
    From £238.00
  8. Tiptree Bench
    BX14 4031-BP Tiptree Bench
    From £958.00
  9. Tiptree Seat
    BX14 4030-BP Tiptree Seat
    From £1,125.00
  10. Tiptree Picnic Bench
    BX14 4041 Tiptree Picnic Bench
    From £2,260.00
  11. Sandwell Bench
    BX14 4650 Sandwell Bench
  12. Stonebridge Seating System
    BX14 4300 Stonebridge Seating System
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Items 1-12 of 72

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