Outdoor Water Play & Sandpits

Getting close to the elements on our Sand and Water Play Tables has a wide range of benefits for children.

This type of creative play has been supporting early years education for years.

And while the principles behind messy play remain the same, our range of water trays and sand pits have been developed to offer interactive entertainment as well as an introduction to maths and science skills.

Built in our timber workshop, our sand pits offer classic building fun. Standard and Extra Large units are available to purchase, with the option of incorporating bespoke sized sand pits into purpose built playgrounds designed by our Hand Made Places division.

A hands-on play experience, the sand pit offers a sensory learning experience as youngsters process the touch and feel of the material.

Our Pedestal Sand Pit is a great addition to schools, nurseries and community centres. With wheelchair access, they encourage youngsters to bond and interact with each other around the equipment.

Concepts like motion and floating and sinking are just a few of the ideas to explore on the water trays. Older children can progress on to developing their early learning about physics as they look at force, weight and mass.

Our classic Ocean Tray can be installed on its own or can become part of a larger Tray and Chute Combo.

For larger spaces, we have a pre-designed multi-level water station in Atlantic 1.

All of our sand and water play products are designed with safety in mind while maximising the fun factor. They are also key to developing social skills among different groups of children as they learn to ask questions, share and take turns with the play materials. And the equipment is brilliant for supporting supervised role play and storytelling.

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  1. Ocean Tray & Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250024 Ocean Tray & Water Chute
  2. Ocean Tray
    BX/HMP 250025 Ocean Tray
  3. Ocean Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250023 Ocean Water Chute
  4. Atlantic 1
    BX/HMP 250022 Atlantic 1
  5. Double Tray & Chute Combo
    BX/HMP 250055 Double Tray & Chute Combo
  6. Extra Large Sand Pit
    sand_pits Sand Pits
    From £625.00
  7. Pedestal Sand Pit
    BX/HMP 800007 Pedestal Sand Pit
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7 Items