Calzolari Street Furniture

Introducing the Calzolari Range...

Products designed and manufactured by Italian street furniture experts.

Broxap Ltd is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Calzolari products in the UK. As a company which perfectly complements our own approach to production, the Calzolari brand unites the fine craft of the Italian masters with exceptional style and innovation.

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Broxap’s history is rooted in its proficiency as a family business which provides high-specification streetscene products. By introducing new suppliers to our network, we can provide our customers with some of the most contemporary designs from mainland Europe.

Therefore we’re immensely pleased to be taking this step forward, integrating Calzolari’s products into our range.

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  1. Folia
    BX27 Folia Folia
    From £845.00
  2. Medium Andromeda
    BX27 2025 Small Andromeda
    From £350.00
  3. Medium Andromeda
    BX27 Medium Andromeda Medium Andromeda
    From £596.00
  4. Andromeda Wood
    BX27 Andromeda Wood Andromeda Wood
    From £678.00
  5. Large Andromeda
    BX27 Large Andromeda Large Andromeda
    From £638.00
  6. Large Andromeda Wood
    BX27 Large Andromeda Wood Large Andromeda Wood
    From £1,392.00
  7. Aster
    BX27 Aster Aster
    From £624.00
  8. Agorà
    BX27 Agora Agorà
  9. Hydra
    BX27 Hydra Hydra
    From £576.00
  10. Dalia
    BX27 Dalia Dalia
    From £958.00
  11. EOS Single Seater
    BX27 EOS EOS Single Seater
    From £296.00
  12. Porto
    BX27 Porto Porto
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Items 1-12 of 53

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