Steel Planters

Our steel planters are of large capacity and constructed using 3mm zintec steel. Steel planters include a single galvanised steel liner and two gold allow bands as standard. Due to their properties, these planters are ideal for towns, cities and parks.

They are available in a range of sizes and any BS or RAL colours to suit any requirement and to complement the existing location. Our paint system is guaranteed for 3 years under conditions of fair wear and tear. Steel planters can be customised to create special or corporate identity through the addition of logos, crests or lettering.

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  1. Lanarkshire Planter
    BX45 4000 Lanarkshire Planter
  2. Lanarkshire Slim Planter
    BX45 4001 Lanarkshire Slim Planter
  3. Bournville Planter
    BX14 4093 Bournville Planter
  4. Bedford Planter
    BX14 4049 Bedford Planter
  5. Weyburn Curved Bench with Planters
    BX14 BSP Weyburn Curved Bench with Planters
  6. March Planter
    BX14 4099/C March Planter
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6 Items