Street Furniture FAQs

Street furniture FAQsStreet furniture FAQs

General FAQs
How quickly will I receive my products
We hold one of the the largest stockholding of any Street Furniture supplier/manufacturer. Please view our Available from Stock page to see our Same Day Collection, Next Day Delivery, 3-Day Delivery and 5-Day Delivery items, you will also see the live quantities held in stock marked on each item. Products that are not held in stock but made to order can be produced to suit your reasonable requirements. 
Can I Collect?
Yes, you can collect many of our products from our Newcastle-Under-Lyme factory. “Next Day Delivery” items can be collected on the day of purchase, if preferred. Please contact a member of our Sales Team to discuss collection arrangements and recommended vehicle sizes. Same day collection orders must be confirmed/accepted by us before 12pm.
Are the Prices that are shown online accurate?
Yes, prices are continually being kept up to date, in line with material cost price fluctuations. 
Are Quantity Discounts available?
Yes, quite simply the greater the quantity you buy the more we can discount, because most of our products are made in house at our factory in Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire; please contact our Sales Office or open a Live Chat online.
Are Main Contractor Discounts (MCD) and Trade/Distributor Discounts available?
Yes. Nominal 2.5% MCD is deductible from online prices, with other pricing structures available for other Trade customers (such as builders’ merchants). 
What colours, coatings and finishes are available
Depending on the materials and product type, various standard BS or RAL colours are available. View the Street Furniture standard colours, Litter Bins’ standard colours and our Shelters/Cycle Parking standard colours for more details. Our Operations & Maintenance manuals will advise how to care for colours and finishes to extend your product’s finish life expectancy to first maintenance.
What Warranties and Guarantees do you offer?
Our Warranties and Guarantees across the whole product range can be viewed via this link. All Warranties, Guarantees, Life Expectancies and Design Life periods are subject to Broxap Ltd’s Terms & Conditions of Sale.
Can you also provide installation services for your products?
Yes. Whilst many of our products tend to be installed by groundworkers or landscaping contractors, as part of their wider contract, certain items such as Shelters, Canopies, Cycle Storage equipment, Parklets, Children’s Playground Equipment and Outdoor Fitness Equipment, may require specific qualifications, training, or other know how. We would be happy to provide an installation quote, as well as provide the materials. Our installations teams carry all the relevant accreditation that you would expect from a responsible contractor. We also carry Public Liability insurances...
What forms of Payment can I use?
For online purchases we require credit card payments to be made, via our e-commerce platform. For purchase orders a 30-day credit account may be available, subject to trading history with us and credit status. For larger subcontract/commercial contracts phased payments may be required. All transactions will be based on Broxap Ltd’s Terms & Conditions of Sale. 
What are your annual sales?
We have annual sales in excess of £30m (FY23 = £33m). All of our production work is scheduled in our ERP programme, which drives the demand of our entire enterprise; the Materials, Labour and Resource Planning. 
Why Broxap?
Broxap is a family-owned and operated business, that has been trading for nearly 80 years. Our premises are owned by us (freehold), we do not trade with any debt and take pride in our manufacturing output. Our goal is to provide our Street Furniture products to every town and village and rural area in the British Isles. Our vision is to be the first Street Furniture company our customers think of, and the last one they will ever need to use. Our values are our People, our Customers, our Products, all of which helps to build our Legacy. 

Bollards, Security Posts & Bollards
What are the different types of fixing options?
Bollards are available with the following fixing options: -  Root fixed – A permanent fixing, often used in anti-ram situations  Base plated – Often used where excavation may not be possible, or where a concrete base already exists  Telescopic – Provides periodic access without requirements for storage  Removable – Provides periodic access but requires storage when not in use. Additional ground fixing socket may be supplied. 
What types of materials are bollards available in?
Can bollards be used in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) situations?
Yes. Whilst no formal accreditation has yet been applied to the range, our bollards and security posts are widely versatile and adaptable to many environments to serve as a deterrent for vehicular threat. Our range of Planters (when filled with soil and plant life) may also be used to provide vehicular threat solution.
What considerations do I need to give to using bollards in inclusive settings?
The BS 8300 code of practice detailing the approaches to meet the required inclusive design of buildings for meeting the needs of people with disabilities. Though this is not a legal requirement, Bollards must be 1000mm above ground level to comply with the BS 8300:2001 standard, and colours that are contrasting to their background. Our Bollards can also feature a tonal/colour contrasting band (such as reflective tape) to assist people who are visually impaired.
What spacings are recommended for bollards?
Bollards may be used as a Vehicle Security Barrier (VSB) to mitigate criminal or vehicle-borne threats and might be used at busy transport stations and interchanges. In such cases, the installation of bollards should provide an appropriate level of physical protection whilst minimising any negative impact on pedestrian movement. Gaps between bollards should be a maximum of 1200mm. Detailed guidance on the placing of VSB bollards is provided in’s Traffic Advisory Leaflet TAL 2/13.

Benches & Seats
What is the difference between a Seat and a Bench?
A seat has a backrest, and a bench does not. Broxap’s range of seating is designed for external use in the UK, so considers weather protection as well as safety and durability. 
Can you provide quotations for bespoke seats or benches?
Yes. Our experienced Technical Sales team can turn architectural design concepts, customer sketches or visual illustrations into a commercially competitive reality. Please see our Blox Bench images as an example of this.
Which seats are best suited to areas which are prone to vandalism?
All metal seats and benches (such as Mild steel, Stainless-steel) as well as All "DURACAST" Polyurethane seating units are best suited to areas of vandalism. 
What are the sitting height and width of a typical bench rest?
The nominal sitting height of the seat varies depending on the type of seat. A typical height is around 450mm. Our bench heights typically range from 420mm-520mm. Armrests are helpful for some and should be at a height of about 200mm above the seated level. Seat/bench rests are recommended to have a minimum width of 500mm. Our Junior Range of seating systems are naturally smaller, making them ideal for use in children’s play areas and schools.
What accessible and inclusive consideration need to be made for the frequency and spacing of seating?
Mobility impaired people may require seating at more frequent intervals. BS 8300‑1:2018 recommends that where seating units are used in pedestrianised areas, such as the open public realm and transport interchanges/stations, seats should be positioned at intervals of no more than 50 metres.
Do you provide inclusive and accessible Picnic Units?
Yes. We have a range of Picnic Tables with extended tabletops to allow for wheelchair access. Please see our Inclusive Picnic Unit range. We can also modify other designs or produce a bespoke solution to your needs. Aisle width (spacing) between tables, and their benches/seats, should be more than 1300mm wide, to allow for the passage of wheelchair users and people who have an assistance dog. Where space is very limited a narrower width of 900mm may be acceptable. 
Are your seats able to be modified or extended in length?
Yes. We can accommodate reasonable dimensional ‘tweaks’, to modify a seat or bench length. Please specify the length in your enquiry for accurate pricing. 
I wish to provide a seat for in memory of someone, can you provide dedications/inscriptions into a seat design?
Yes. Customer defined dedications can be on an engraved onto a stainless steel or brass plaque, which is attached to the seat backrest slat(s). For a truly unique dedication, we can provide the engraving/carving into a slat in the wooden backrest of the seat itself. Incorporating memorial dedications are available within 2-3 weeks for stainless steel plaques, or 3-5 days for slat inscriptions.

Planters & Tree Protection
What materials are planters available in?
We manufacture planters with stylish designs using timber (inc. FSC certified timber), pre-galvanised sheet steel, stainless steel, cast iron, recycled plastic, pre-cast concrete to complement their street furniture range and to suit the location and any other requirements. 
Can you provide quotations for bespoke planters?
Yes. Our experienced Technical Sales team can turn architectural design concepts, customer sketches or visual illustrations into commercially competitive reality. Please visit our full Planter page for ideas on our range, many of which can be modified to suit your reasonable requirements. 
Do you manufacture integrated seated/planter units?
Yes. Please visit our Seated Planter page for example ideas of what’s available, or to provide you wish an inspiration.
What is the largest tree grille available?
The large grille is the Rondello at approximately 2480mm square.
What is the smallest tree grille available?
The smallest grille available in our current range is the Sunburst at 900mm square.

Our Materials & Production Facility
Where are your products manufactured?
Within our 125,000 sq ft freehold manufacturing facility, we have a 21,600 sq ft CE Marked Steel Fabrication facility, we have a 10,000 sq ft Timber workshop, a 10,200 sq ft Sheet Metal Press and Fabrication Production area and a 10,000 sq ft mechanised Polyester Powder Coating facility. 
What are your factory output capabilities?
We employ in excess of 100 skilled and semi-skilled factory workers, throughout our various workshops. Our factory includes many eco-friendly and state of the art machines, including three robot welders, a laser-cutting machine with automated loading/unloading tower, five press brakes (including ATC; automatic tool changers), 2 x CNC 5-Axis woodwork machining centres, 5-headed planer moulders (for slat production), as well as two bio-mass briquette makers (from wood waste) and factory heaters.  
What materials do you use in your products’ manufacture?
We use Mild Steel, including UKCA Marked (formally “CE Marked”) Steel*; Stainless-steel (grade 304 or 316); Pre-Galvanised Steel Sheetmetal; FSC* Softwood and Hardwood; Engineering-grade Polyurethane; and Fabricated Aluminium. We also work with Iron Castings, Pre-Cast Concrete and Recycled Plastic for our range of Street Furniture, as well as HDPE plastic, and Nylon Braided Rope (with Steel Core) for our Children’s Playground Equipment.  *Where required.
Will the Mild Steel products rust?
No. All our steel tube and plate fabrications, used in Street Furniture and Shelter components, are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2019. The Galvanizing Association projects a min. life expectancy of 34 years for the UK. All our sheet metal cycle lockers and litter bins are manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet metal, which again features a zinc coating to offer resistance against rust and corrosion. Our litter bins feature a 12-year anti-perforation Guarantee. For more information, please see our Warranties & Guarantees page.
What if I’m unhappy with the products I’ve received?
Our product returns during 2023 was less than 0.1%. Our Customer Services centre will case handle any customer concerns whether these are product or service related. Our Terms & Conditions of Sale will be used to manage any product warranty issues, where for 12 months we will repair or replace an item that is defective through design, material selection or workmanship (issues of vandalism are excluded). ok
Does cast iron rust?
Cast iron will rust if not maintained, for example, if the paint is chipped leaving the surface of the product exposed.
What is the difference between Grade 304 and Grade 316 stainless steel?
Grade 304 is used as standard on our range of stainless-steel products. It is ideal for where there is less risk of contamination from sodium chloride (e.g., seaside towns). Grade 316 stainless steel is more suited for use in waterside and coastal areas, where there is a higher level of sodium chloride in the air.