Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are durable and robust. Available in a range of shapes and sizes they are suitable for towns and cities to create an area to grow plants and flowers. Our concrete planters are available in either exposed aggregate or with a smooth finish, ideal for many outdoor locations. Explore more concrete & granite ranges including picnic benches and bollards 

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12 Items

  1. Denton Planter
    BX21 1037 Denton Planter
    From £1,214.00
  2. Altringham Cube Planter
    BX21 1065 Altrincham 600 Cube Planter
    From £837.00
  3. Concrete Planter
    BX25 6533 Concrete Planter
  4. King's Lynn Planter
    BX25 6541 King's Lynn Planter
  5. Andromeda Concrete Planter
    BX27 2065 Andromeda Concrete Planter
    From £468.00
  6. Roundhay Planter
    BX25 6530 Roundhay Planter
  7. Circular Concrete Planters
    BX27 Circular Concrete Planter Circular Concrete Planters
    From £372.00
  8. Square Concrete Planters
    BX27 Square Concrete Planter Square Concrete Planters
    From £418.00
  9. Rectangular Concrete Planters
    BX27 Rectangular Concrete Planter Rectangular Concrete Planters
    From £429.00
  10. Concrete Planter
    BX25 6532 Rectangular Concrete Planter
  11. Whitefield Planter
    BX21 1023-P Whitefield Planter
    From £1,240.00
  12. Altrincham planter
    BX21 1072 Altrincham Planter
    From £1,128.00
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12 Items