Park Benches

Our extensive range of street furniture includes high-quality benches and seats which are ideal for public areas such as parks. Park benches come in a variety of styles and designs, helping to increase the aesthetic appeal to any park or outdoor area.

Purchasing a park bench from us means you will be investing in a robust and durable product. This makes them ideal for locations where they will be used frequently. Our park benches and seats can also be bespoke designed. If you require a unique construction, they can adapt a combination of their existing styles or create something completely bespoke.

Memorial Benches and Seats

If you are looking to create a memorial bench for a thoughtful way to remember someone, then we also offer memorial plaques. Memorial plaques are available on request and can be fixed to any of the park benches or seats.

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  1. Central Station Seat
    BX 2026 Central Station Seat
    From £909.00
  2. Buckingham Seat
    BX17 4018 Buckingham Seat
    From £552.00
  3. Kennington Seat
    BX17 4019 Kennington Seat
    From £768.00
  4. Victoria Seat
    BX17 4046 Victoria Seat
    From £828.00
  5. Cheriton Timber Seat
    BX38 1040-FSC Cheriton Timber Seat
  6. Eastgate Seat Memorial Bench at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Warrington
    BX 2020-BP Eastgate Seat
    From £497.00
  7. Lakeside Seat
    BX 2060 Lakeside Seat
    From £558.00
  8. Blackburn Seat
    BX 2047-BP Blackburn Seat
    From £553.00
  9. Deeside Seat
    BX 2050 Deeside Seat
    From £520.00
  10. Ripon Seat
    BX 2040-BP Ripon Seat
    From £614.00
  11. Edale Rustic 3 Slat Seat
    BX17 4022 Edale Rustic 3 Slat Seat
    From £334.00
  12. Hatton Rustic 4 Slat Seat
    BX17 4055 Hatton Rustic 4 Slat Seat
    From £350.00
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Items 1-12 of 15