Post & Rail Fencing

Broxap’s extensive range of post and rail fencing is available in many designs to suit the required application. This selection of products also includes our Duracast™ Polyurethane (PU) range which, due to the low maintenance schedules and anti-corrosion properties, provide an ideal solution for waterside areas.

Systems are manufactured from cast iron, ductile iron, polyurethane, steel, stainless steel or a combination of all. A combination of strength, reliability, protection and durability ensure pedestrian safety wherever they are specified.

Area Demarcation

A range of pedestrian guardrail panels and fixed traffic control barriers provide vehicle demarcation boundaries.

Pedestrian Assistance

Post and rail systems provide a firm support for pedestrians on slopes, paths or stairs.

Systems also offer crowd control solutions, as well as offering a “lean to” resting point for spectators.

Safety and Vehicular Traffic

Broxap post and rail systems can be positioned to provide an excellent safety yet attractive feature at watersides, roadsides and on public foot paths.

Broxap cast iron post pedestrian barriers may also be cast in anti ram raid ductile iron so as to prevent collision fracturing and damage to pavements, property and pedestrians.

Security/Access Control

Gates and access points can be incorporated into any Broxap system to allow or prevent access to individuals, cycles, motorcycles or vehicles.

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