Cycle Parking

Our in-stock Cycle Parking products offer a fast, reliable, and secure solution for storing bicycles. With a selection of cycle shelters, two-tier bike racks, bike repair stands, cycle racks and stands, and wheel holders, we have everything you need to create a convenient and organised cycle parking area.

Many of our Cycle Parking products are made from high-quality galvanised steel, ensuring durability and resistance to the elements. Designed with the safety of your bicycles in mind, our products provide secure storage and protection against theft and damage.

Whether you need to accommodate a small number of bicycles or a large fleet, our range has options to suit every requirement. Our cycle shelters offer ample space for multiple bikes, keeping them protected from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight. The two-tier bike racks maximise storage capacity in limited spaces, allowing you to make the most of your available area. Our bike repair stands provide a convenient spot for cyclists to carry out quick fixes or maintenance tasks on their bikes.

At Broxap, we understand the importance of prompt service. That's why we offer express delivery options. No more waiting for weeks to receive your order – browse our in-stock range and have your cycle parking equipment delivered within three working days.

Investing in high-quality cycle parking solutions not only benefits cyclists but also enhances the overall appeal of your premises. Create a safer and more organised environment with our reliable and durable Cycle Parking products.

Choose Broxap for all your cycle parking needs. Order now and experience the convenience of our reliable products delivered straight to your door.

To benefit from our express delivery range, order by 12 noon from our selected products and our teams will ship goods out for immediate delivery across the UK mainland. 
For more information about our express delivery options, please visit our Delivery Information page.

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  1. Sheffield Cycle Stand - Express
    BXMW/GS/Sheffield-Stand-STOCK Sheffield Cycle Stand - Express

    493 In Stock

  2. Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand -Express
    BXMW/SSS0-STOCK Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand - Express

    3 In Stock

    From £74.00
  3. Sheffield Cycle Stand – Stainless Steel Root Fixed
    BXMW/GS-STOCK Sheffield Cycle Rack - Express

    55 In Stock

    From £173.00
  4. Easi-Riser Two Tier Cycle Parking System
    BXMW/EASI-RISER-STOCK Easi-Riser 2-Tier Cycle Rack (Lift Assisted) - Express

    5 In Stock

    From £140.00
  5. Eco-Riser Two Tier Cycle Parking System
    BXMW/ECO-2Tier-STOCK Eco-2-Tier Cycle Rack (Manual Lift) - Express
    From £125.00
  6. Bike Pump
    BXMW/BIKE-PUMP-STOCK Broxap Bike Pump - Express

    30 In Stock

  7. Broxap Repair Stand
    BXMW BIKE-REPR-STND Broxap Repair Stand

    9 In Stock

  8. Wheel Holder
    BXMW/SS/WHE-HOL Wheel Holder

    24 In Stock

  9. Tower Bridge Cycle Stand
    BXMW/TOB-LK Tower Bridge Cycle Stand

    181 In Stock

  10. Wardale Cycle Shelter - Express
    BXMW/WAR-STOCK Wardale® Cycle Shelter - Express

    3 In Stock

    From £1,546.00
  11. Apollo Cycle Shelter Express
    BXMW/AP-STOCK Apollo Cycle Shelter - Express

    5 In Stock

    From £2,073.00
  12. New Sheffield Cycle Shelter - Express
    BXMW/SEF-STOCK New Sheffield Cycle Shelter - Express

    4 In Stock

    From £1,152.00
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12 Items