Nusser Street Furniture

NUSSER specialises in contemporary street furniture constructed from high quality timber. The innovative designs include a range of seats, benches and tables, providing comfort and quality. NUSSER manufacture a large product range. They are amongst the leading brands for street furniture in Germany and beyond.

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  1. Plaza I Bench
    BX12 Plaza I Plaza I Bench
    From £1,205.00
  2. Desford I Seat with Backrest
    BX12 Desford I-BR Desford I Seat with Backrest
    From £2,319.00
  3. Desford Table
    BX12 Desford Table Desford Table
    From £2,042.00
  4. Plaza II Bench
    BX12 Plaza II Plaza II Bench
    From £1,918.00
  5. Plaza III M Bench
    BX12 Plaza III M Plaza III M Bench
    From £2,477.00
  6. Radlett Bench
    BX13 J8231082-B Radlett Bench
  7. Tatton Seat
    BX13 7031150-S Tatton Seat
  8. Plaza III S Bench
    BX12 Plaza III S Plaza III S Bench
    From £2,305.00
  9. Plaza Table
    BX12 Plaza Table Plaza Table
    From £2,357.00
  10. Plaza Mono Bench
    BX12 Plaza Mono Plaza Mono Bench
    From £1,098.00
  11. Desford I Bench
    BX12 Desford I Desford I Bench
    From £1,316.00
  12. Kingswood Seat
    BX13 C4001 082 Kingswood Seat
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Items 1-12 of 31

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