Playground Equipment

Hand Made Places, Broxap’s specialist play equipment division, can turn any site into a place of adventure.

From traditional playground equipment to sensory activity boards, we can design, manufacture and install a wide range of kit that children will love. Hand Made Places specialises in high quality timber play products. Creating playgrounds where children can have fun is the number one priority, alongside captivating imaginations and nurturing social and physical development.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Hand Made Places understands the added value of including educational and stimulating play stations into schemes alongside classic recreational elements. Each item is manufactured to robust safety standards for children’s play areas with a 10-year guarantee for all pressure treated timber against structural failure due to timber rot or insect attack.

Following BS EN1176 guidelines, every design aims to maximise play opportunities at a competitive price. This attention to detail results in outstanding product durability and longevity.
And with construction carried out in-house, Hand Made Places also has the flexibility to offer bespoke products along with accurate lead times.

As part of the Broxap group, Hand Made Places provides a free consultation service. This gives clients the chance to explore the full range of equipment available and discuss individual site requirements and concerns. In addition to issuing the most up-to-date equipment specifications, advisers can go through related matters such as layout, surfacing and playground management.
Our contractors are trained in the legal and safety requirements of play installations and each project is carefully audited to ensure it remains compliant with the appropriate codes throughout all stages of the build.

And with the backing of Broxap’s accomplished record for developing contemporary and reliable furnishings, shelters, fencing and associated works, Hand Made Places holds the complete solution to any playground scheme.

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  1. Trapeze Rings
    BX/HMP3 100043 Trapeze Ropes
    From £595.00
  2. Twist Net
    BX/HMP3 100088 Twist Net
    From £925.00
  3. Traverse Rope
    BX/HMP3 100114 Traverse Rope
    From £450.00
  4. Stilts
    BX/HMP3 100018 Stilts
    From £625.00
  5. Parallel Bars
    BX/HMP3 100909 Parallel Bars
    From £450.00
  6. Sloped Balance Beams
    BX/HMP3 100113 Sloped Balance Beams
    From £225.00
  7. Triple Traverse Walls
    BX/HMP3 100024 Triple Traverse Walls
    From £1,468.00
  8. Balance Beam
    BX/HMP3 100001 Balance Beam
    From £225.00
  9. Swing Steps
    BX/HMP3 100019 Swing Steps
    From £825.00
  10. Trapeze Rings
    BX/HMP3 100022 Trapeze Rings
    From £595.00
  11. Chin Ups
    BX/HMP3 100003 Chin Up Bars
    From £525.00
  12. Rota Log
    BX/HMP3 100099 Rota Log
    From £650.00
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Items 1-12 of 230

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