EV Bollard and Barrier Protection

Networks of electric vehicle (EV) charging points are being installed across the country now, ahead of net zero targets regarding the withdrawal of new petrol and diesel cars for sale in 2030 and to maintain this infrastructure for growing numbers of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners, choosing the right protection for EV charging stations is essential. The next generation of EV charging is being developed and installed so drivers can charge their vehicles wherever and whenever they park. This could be at home, while out shopping, at work or even when attending appointments.

With such a valuable and useful resource to maintain and to ensure availability to users, charging point protection can help to prevent vandalism, tampering or accidental damage.
At Broxap, our range of EV charging station protectors include posts and barriers in a wide variety of shapes and styles to accommodate the range of EV chargers becoming available.
Home chargers as well as public network chargers, pay-as-you go stations and even free EV charge points can all benefit from the secure spaces which EV charge station bollards provide. 
We have a range of high visibility options available among our heavy-duty EV charge point protection range.

These can guide drivers to the right charging point area as well as prevent damage from vehicles accidently hitting the charging station.Heavy duty bollards help vehicle owners to park in a secure area where they can charge up at a distance which keeps them, their cars, and the EV charging infrastructure safe. Hoops and barriers are also a popular choice, offering easily recognisable protection barriers around EV charging stations.

Electric vehicle charging point protectors are available to match existing street furniture already on site, or can be customised to suit the continuation of a particular style or brand.
At Broxap we also have a range of stylish Stainless Steel EV charge point protection bollards available, adding aesthetic appeal to an essential protection solution.

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  1. Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    BX14 6500-RT Heavy Duty Bollards - Square
    From £107.00
  2. Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    BX14 6501 Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    From £89.00
  3. Ridge Stainless Steel Bollard
    BX80 9004 Ridge Stainless Steel Bollard
    From £129.00
  4. Lamp Post Protector - Square
    BX14 6539S Lamp Post Protector - Square
    From £281.00
  5. Lamp Post Protector - Split
    BX14 6539H Lamp Post Protector - Split
    From £284.00
  6. Semi Domed Sheffield Stainless Steel Bollard
    BX47/SemiDomed Semi Domed Sheffield Stainless Steel Bollard
    From £82.00
  7. Flat Top Sheffield Stainless Steel Bollard
    BX47/FlatTop Flat Top Sheffield Stainless Steel Bollard
    From £82.00
  8. BX14 Hoop Barriers
    BX14/HOOP BX14 Hoop Barriers
    From £63.00
  9. Door Barrier
    BX14/DB Door Barrier
    From £87.00
  10. Heaton Bollard
    BX80 9005 Heaton Bollard
    From £165.00
  11. Sheffield Cycle Stand
    BXMW/GS/Sheffield-Stand Sheffield Cycle Stand
    From £34.99
  12. Mitred Top Sheffield Stainless Steel Bollard
    BX47/MitredTop-1 Mitred Top Sheffield Stainless Steel Bollard
    From £82.00
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Items 1-12 of 16