Steel Litter Bins

 Broxap’s range of galvanised steel litter bins present a variety of robust, durable units which can be designed to suit your individual needs. In either cylindrical or square styles, the bins provide a sleek and stylish element to any outdoor area. 

There are various decorative and practical options for these units, including a choice of BS & RAL colours, the opportunity for bespoke logo designs, and additions such as rodent bait bases and anti-graffiti or -flyposter coating. The steel litter bins in this range really are the perfect choice for any sector. 

Broxap’s steel litter bins are manufactured using galvanised steel, and finished in a polyester powder coating.  This ensures both longevity and durability, allowing us to provide our market leading 12 year anti-perforation warranty! 

Broxap offer a free, ASM led on-site demonstration, providing our clients with a personalised journey from their initial ideas, through to the finished product and beyond.

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  1. Derby Standard Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550 Derby Standard Litter Bin - 120 Litre
    From £329.00
  2. Deby E Litter Bin XL (145LTR)
    BX45G 2550-E-145 Derby E XL Litter Bin - 145 Litre
    From £309.00
  3. Derby Vape Recycling Bin
    BX45G 2550-VAPE-RC Derby Vape Recycling Bin
  4. Derby E Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-E Derby E Litter Bin
    From £293.00
  5. Derby Compact Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-CMP Derby Compact Litter Bin
    From £259.00
  6. Eco Steel Litter Bin
    BX45G 2561 Eco Steel Litter Bin
    From £305.00
  7. Derby Slimline Litter Bin
    BX45G 2596 Derby Slimline Litter Bin
    From £309.00
  8. Derby E Slimline Litter Bin
    BX45G 2596-E Derby E Slimline Litter Bin
    From £272.00
  9. Big Mouth Target Bin
    BX45G 2700-90 Big Mouth Target Bin
  10. Derby Weyburn Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-WBN Derby Weyburn Litter Bin
    From £379.00
  11. Derby Contemporary Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-CON Derby Contemporary Litter Bin
  12. Derby E Contemporary
    BX45G 2550-CON-E Derby E Contemporary
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Items 1-12 of 29